Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 NFL Wild Card Playoff Predictions

Cincinnati vs Houston  Winner: Texans
What a way to open up wild card weekend, with two young teams who will be on the radar for the next few years. When these teams met each other on December 11, it was the Texans edging out the victory at the end of the game. The Bengals have had trouble against teams with winning records. However, neither team really have any experience in the playoffs, therefore it will come down to a coaches battle. But the Texans running game will surely have the advantage after the Bengals allowed Ray Rice to run over 190 yards. Texans win this one

Detroit vs New Orleans  Winner: Saints
When these two teams met on December 4, The Saints pummeled the Lions. 31-17. While this is Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson's first time in the playoffs, they are faced with the task out outscoring MVP candidate Drew Brees. A year ago Brees and the Saints were victims to an upset by the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks. However, this time they are home and the fans of New Orleans will be excited as this is their first playoff game home since the year they won the Super Bowl. The Saints will make very short work of the Lions.

Atlanta vs New York Giants  winner: Falcons
 The Falcons have peaked at the right time, while the Giants have only won three out of their last eight after beginning the season 6-2 with a win over the New England Patriots. The Giants will be at home, which is a tremendous advantage. The last time these two teams played in 2009, it was the Giants edging the Falcons 34-31. However, the Falcons defense will look to have a field day on the Giants 32nd ranked rushing offense. Falcons will win this one in a close one.

Pittsburgh vs Denver  Winner: Pittsburgh
The Steelers are not suffering from the Super Bowl hangover as everyone thought they would after their week one collapse to their rival, the Baltimore Ravens. The Broncos led by quarterback Tim Tebow make their return to the playoffs after edging out the rest of the division where no team succeeded in having a winning record. The Steelers rank 8th in rushing defense while the Broncos rank 1st in rushing. But pass defense is where the Broncos will struggle, as the Steelers are ranked 1st. Even though Steelers starting running back Rashard Mendenhall is out for the playoffs, the wild card game will not be hard for them, as they will easily roll of the Broncos.

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  1. Some of this article has useless info and is a lil in accurate. I enjoyed the first section, it was well writing and makes u just wanna watch the game to see the outcome of the two up and comings. The 2nd section is where u go a rye. The game went with the saints coming out on fire and then Stafford and megatron got settle and if it wasn't for a small mistake by Matthew late in the second half the was turning tides cuz they were long down by 7. And u failed to mention that it was running game of the Lions that kept them in it and that helped them get that close to the saints in the first place. And what will happen if there is no run game for the lions. O and that Such was suspended so his defensive presence especially in the run stopping of their D was not accounted for. Part 3 is that the giants most meaningful win was not beating new england at home (hard thing to do) but it was the two wins against the cowboys in I think it was 4 weeks. Without those two wins the are watching the playoffs like we are But I do think that will a close one or a blow out. And the last game will prove 1 or 2 things. Is the Steelers defence old or can a mobile first qb be in the further of the NFL.