Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bring Back the Womens Tag Team Championship?

In 1984, after the WWE withdrew from the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria who were NWA women tag team champions, became the first official womens tag team champions of the WWE. After Princess Victoria suffered a career ending neck injury, she was replaced with Desiree Petersen and they would hold the titles until August of 1986 until they were defeated by the Glamour Girls. The Glamour Girls are the only team out of four teams to hold the titles twice. The tag titles were abandoned in 1989.

Today, there are a lot of divas on the WWE roster. In an age where Michael Cole seems to bury them every chance he gets, many would complain if the divas were on the card two or three times. With only one title, opportunity for the divas are limited. And who really wants to see a battle royal every month to decide on a new number one contender?

Here are some proposed tag teams?
The Bella Twins
Beth Phoenix and Natalya
Kelly Kelly and Eve
Rosa and Tamina
Alicia Fox and A.J.

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