Monday, January 2, 2012

Interview with The Big Ticket" Jb Stevens

MEBD: How long have you been wrestling
JB:  2 Years
MEBD: Where did you start your career

JB: *Danger Zone Championship Wrestling
MEBD: What have been some highlights in your careerJB: Being involved in the same event as Tito Santana even though i was only reffing it was great to meet him
MEBD: Who did you idolized growing up and why?
JB: Taz D'lo Brown and the Rock taz because he was so brutal and calculated and i love suplexes dlo because he wasnt the average big man he was agile and the rock cause of his swagger
MEBD: What was your favorite match growing up and why
JB: Jerry Lawler Vs Texas Tornado to unify the WCCW and AWA titles great back and forth match between 2 legends
MEBD: What are your career goals in the business? 
JB: I would love to hold the top belt in 2 separate promotions and maybe one day sign a deal with a major federation
MEBD: What would you say is your best match on your career and why?

JB: Bull rope match with Tony Douglas we wrestled for 62 minutes and were both bloody messes
MEBD: Do you find it hard to maintain a personal life while being a professional wrestler
JB: Yes kinda but life is a bout time management the good thing about being on the Indy circuit is you work when you want to. I am fortunate to have an everyday job as well as a music career to keep me busy but i love everything i do so it basically is my life
MEBD: What do you think about tough enough and would you ever participate?
JB: I like the concept and yes why not if i win that's a WWE contract and if I lose that's more booking cause now I have been on a national show and people know my face more
MEBD:  What do you think about the state of professional wrestling today and Impact Wrestlings Wrestling Matters" campaign
JB: Its good on the indie level more exiting then ever on the major level with the exception of Mark Henry and CM Punk its pretty much the sh*ts and I dont mean that in a good way and TNA is right,  wrestling does matter so maybe they should push all those guys that can wrestle and no the old wash ups
MEBD: How do you manage your personal and professional life?
JB: The beautiful Shelby Hanley keeps me focused on track i call her my time manager 
MEBD: Where do you see your career in ten years?
JB: Graduate from college hopefully job wrestling if not I'm also a writer so maybe a creative team job somewhere I'm also currently involved with the start up of ICU wrestling so hopefully we make it a big name indie
MEBD: Anything you want to say to your fans??
JB: Respect the indie guys cause just cause we dont have WWE or TNA money we still break our bodies for alot less money and have fun at shows dont be so worried about the names on the card just enjoy wrestling its the greatest form of entertainment everMEBD: What is your opinion on black wrestlers and how would you make an impact on the business to change the perception
JB: Its not good at all right now all we got is R Truth and Mark Henry TNA doesn't even have a black wrestler and i would make an impact by not playing the stereotype im not gonna be thugging and rapping. I'm gonna be a**hole that speaks with good grammar and Im gonna make you love me or hate me I can do both haha 
MEBD: You said TNA does not have a black wrestler, what about the Pope and D-Von Dudley?
JB:  But thy both are non factor a year ago D-Von was half of team 3d and Pope was a main eventer they had nothing to do for, so they put em together
MEBD: How can you be reached and booked
JB: Facebook, Twitter @ realjbstevens or by phone 314 484 8762 I am my own booking manager 

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