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Mr Main Event BDUB had the pleasure of catching up with C-Note Mac, you may know him as C-LO Mac of Brooklyn’s Most Famous. Check out this interview as he discusses how he became a professional wrestler, who inspired him and why he feel he can change the perception of black wrestlers.
MEBD How long have you been a wrestling fan, and when did you first decide to become apart of the business?
C Note I’ve been a fan of professional wrestling my entire life NO LIE! & I decided to make a career of it in the fall of 2006.
MEBD: Who is your favorite WWE Superstar of all time and why?
C-Note: This is a tough one I swear but…I would have to say Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. I was drawn to the Hart Foundation from the first time I saw them on television. As I got older & was able to comprehend the aspects of pro wrestling Bret Hart stood out even more & not because of his pink tights or catch phrases but because of his in-ring workmanship.
MEBD: What was your favorite match of all time and why?
C-Note: WRESTLEMANIA XX… Benoit v HHH v HBK for the World Heavyweight Championship,I love this match & always will because it told three different stories involving three “STUDENTS of THE GAME” on the biggest stage at an historic venue & in my personal opinion it elevated all three athletes for the better.
MEBD: Who were you trained by?
C-Note WWE Hall of Famer “The Unpredictable” Johnny Rodz.
MEBD: What do you think of the business today as compared to the way it was growing up?
C-Note: Today everybody is GREEN everyone thinks because their a FAN or a “MARK” that they know it all. No one wants to pay their dues & work hard anymore. In terms of the business of back in the day I feel those guys worked the hardest & respected their fellow wrestler in this great brother/sister hood known as PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING.
MEBD: Which professional wrestlers have you met, and how did they influence your career?
C-Note: I’ve met several legends along the way but meeting PAT PATTERSON & “SUPER FLY” JIMMY SNUKA still stands out & compares to no other encounter to this day. Patterson told me to always hit the ring with the same passion I had as a kid watching wrestling,and that always sticks out everytime my music hits & its time to go to work. SNUKA said to remember to always entertain “CUZ BROTHA IF YOU CAN’T DRAW THE PROMOTER WON’T CALL YOU NO MAW (more)”.
MEBD: Can you describe the feeling of walking inside the squared circle and hear fans cheering or booing?
C-Note: I honestly very humbling yet exciting experience I think a person can ever feel.
MEBD: Do you prefer to be cheered or booed?
C-Note: They can CHEER or BOO me,either way they paid to see me,I didn’t pay to see them sit there & watch my every move.
MEBD: Which promotions do you wrestle for?
MEBD: How can fans find footage of you?
C-Note: Right now fans can look for me & my tag team of Youtube search: Brooklyn’s Most Famous
MEBD: On Monday Nights you participate in the Wrestling Wrealm conversation on facebook, how often do you become apart of debates about professional wrestling being “real”
C-Note:I try to join the debates as much as possible not only are they entertaining they actually open up your eyes to others views.
MEBD: Most people look at the business from a different aspect once they become a professional wrestler, how did it change for you?
C-Note: HELL YEAH!…I didn’t know so many wrestlers were & are so insecure and how much politics really does play a major part behind the scenes.
MEBD: How do you think that the internet has changed professional wrestling?
C-Note: The internet has changed pro wrestling for the better for a true fan as for a fan that lives in “kayfabe” the internet is the worst invention ever. Internet allows you to know things ahead of time and gives u results of taped programming & I personally appreciate that.
MEBD:What is your ultimate goal in this business?
C-Note: My ultimate goal is to change PROFESSIAL WRESTLING’S outlook on the “BLACK WRESTLER”.
MEBD: A lot of people feel that black wrestlers are not marketable, what would you do different that could change that statement?
C-Note: I believe in being the rage against the machine. I will do all I can to change that preception. Unfortunately when bookers & creative writing teams control the wrestler’s direction there’s nothing much else one can do.
MEBD: Do you have anything that you would like to say to the fans?
C-Note: To each & every fan out there its because of you that I entertain. I once was a fan of wrestling & now I am a wrestler who is a fan of all u guys/gals who come to shows & support pro wrestling. I tell everyone this quote so it applys… “IF YOU STOP DREAMING THEN YOU’VE STOPPED BELIEVING.”
MEBD: How can they reach you, and how can promoters reach you to be booked?
C-Note: I’m social network addict, Follow me on twitter @its_SPOTFACE I also have facebook search Chris Spotface McClain. Promoters can either reach me on twitter & facebook or they can email me at

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