Monday, January 2, 2012

Interview with Gregory Iron

Recently, Mr Main Event BDuB had the honor of speaking with Gregory Iron. Iron is a professional wrestler who suffers with cerebral palsy. His big moment recently occurred when then WWE Champion CM Punk attended AAW in Chicago to pay his respects to the "handicapped hero."
MEBD When did your grandmom introduce you to pro wrestling?
GI: My earliest memories of watching wrestling with my grandma was probably around 3 or 4.
MEBD . What was the one match that you remember with her the most?

GI: The matches from Wrestlemania VI and VII, with Hulk Hogan, are always the first that come to mind.
MEBD . Who was your favorite wrestler growing up? 

GI: .Hulk Hogan was my dude. I loved a lot of the babyfaces of the early 90's WWF... Savage, Hart, Roberts, Razor, etc.
MEBD . Who is your favorite wrestler today?
GI: I guess the perfect answer for favorite wrestlers today would be Colt and Punk! haha! But honestly, on WWE tv, my "Fave Five" if you will, would be something like Daniel Bryan, Christian, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, and Cody RhodesMEBD . What do you think about the state of professional wrestling today?
GI:  I don't think its as strong as it once was, due to MMA. But I feel like WWE is one good storyline away from making wrestling hot again. I guess we will have to see!
MEBD . You mentioned in your recent interview with Aftermath Radio, that your mom battled drug and alcohol addiction, how hard was it deal with that coupled with your condition?
GI:  It was hard. Anybody whos ever dealt with someone whose into drugs can understand the difficulties. To not really know your real mom, and to basically watch her slowly kill herself in front of you is very hard.
MEBD . You stated that you did not mind heels making fun of your condition in order to draw heat, has there ever been a time that someone really got under your skin?
GI: . Nope. In real life, it would be bothersome. But in wrestling, making fun of the guy with the disability is like the perfect way to generate heat.
 MEBD . Have you had the opportunity to meet Zach Gowen? What was your favorite match of his?
GI: I have actually met Zach several times. He is someone I consider a friend, and we have even gotten the opportunity to tag up. My favorite match of his is, suprisingly, with Vince McMahon. That was a war!
MEBD . Who was your greatest opponent?
GI:.Johnny Gargano. Johnny is without a doubt one of the best indy wrestlers today, and its only a matter of time before a major oganization signs him.
MEBD . What has been the highlight of your career thus far?
GI:  The moment with CM Punk and Cabana was huge. But two other great moments I had was against Gargano in a Last Man Standing Match (2008), and with Lince Dorado in my Chikara debut (2010). After both of those matches, in defeat, I recieved a standing ovation. For a guy who never thought he could wrestle, they were pretty overwhelming moments.
MEBD . Did your grandmother know you were going to become a wrestler? If so what was her opinion?
GI: She didn't know, because I didn't!!
MEBD . Who was her favorite?
GI:  Hulk, hence why when she passed, I placed a Hulk Hogan Hasbro action figurein her casket
MEBD . Which current or former wrestler has given you the best advice?
GI: An e-mail from J.J. Dillion always comes to mind. He has a son with c.p., and he watched some of my work. He wrote me and basically said, I don't know how far you can take this because of your size, but I hope that one day, you can look back and see that you got to live out moments that most people only dream about. That always stuck with me.
MEBD . You indicated that you would never be Steve Austin or Kurt Angle, but with the WWE in a "real era" and coupled with their Bullying Campaign, many would say that this could be your time, what could you do that has not been done before?
GI: I think my overall character is something unique and different. My story isn't somethingthat was thought of... its real. I think in wrestling, the most successful men, matches, and moments, were those that felt real. I think Gregory Iron is a guy that anybody can get behind, and its a story that trancends wrestling.
MEBD  Which promotions are you currently wrestling for?
GI: .I currently wrestle regularly for PWO in Ohio, Absolute Intense Wrestling, AAW in Chicago, and Chikara Pro, who actually has an upcoming iPPV on November 13th, at GFL,tv.
MEBD . How can people contact you for bookings?
GI: I accept bookings at, or at
MEBD  What was it like meeting CM Punk, have you spoken with him any more?
GI: . Very surreal meeting CM Punk. He is a guy I look up to and admire. Great dude. Though we spoke for like twenty minutes that day, I haven't talked with him since.
MEBD What is your ultimate goal in this business?
GI: Three letters: WWE.
MEBD: Have you spoken with any children who may struggle with the same thing
GI:  I am thankful that, on a regular basis, I get tons of e-mails and messages from people young, old, disabled, not disabled, white, black, yellow.... that can relate to my story. I am happy that the things I have been through can help somebody deal with problems in their own live.

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