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Interview with Jessie Kane and up and coming Diva from Baltimore, MD

Interview with Jessie Kaye and up and coming Diva from Baltimore, MD

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1. When and why did you decide to become a professional wrestler?
I’ve known since about the 9th grade that I wanted to be in the wrestling business in some capacity. There was a class called “Freshman Seminar,” and its purpose was to get you on your career path and for you to start thinking about the direction your life was going. I would go on the WWE corporate page and look at the “job hiring” section and always looked at the “Creative Writer” position. That’s how I initially knew I wanted to get into Mass Communications because that was one of the degree options they were looking for. In 2008, the end of my Junior year I embarked on my journey on weight loss and in the process on becoming a wrestler. I had never considered being a wrestler prior because at the time I was 223 lbs. and didn’t think it to be logical but it hit me on the elliptical one day when I was struggling for breath. I asked myself if I could be a wrestler and I answered yes, and I’ve been struggling ever since to make this come true. 

2. Gilberg stated that he sees you on TV in the near future, what did it mean to have someone with his experience tell you that?

 Duane and everyone else at the school really support and believe in me. It means the world to have everyone’s faith and belief that I can do this because sometimes I don’t believe in myself. I would have never thought that Gillberg, or anyone would be telling me that I’d be something in this business. But it doesn’t matter what others say because when it comes down to it, it’s about your hard work and what you put into it each and every day. Nothing is guaranteed so I just have to keep pushing. 

3. What did you think of Gillberg when he was in the WWE?
I started watching wrestling in 01-02 so I didn’t see the initial Gillberg run when Goldberg was in WCW and that shindig. But I did see when he came back in the WWE with Rock and Goldberg’s feud with Rock’s party celebration. Never would I imagine that one day he would be one of my trainers. But in my mind at the time, (I was a stupid young kid) I thought it was silly; I didn’t get it and as a kid I swayed because as I was supposed to I didn’t like the heel Rock and I was all for the face Goldberg. (I went through various phases of favorites, first it was Rock, then Goldberg, then as it still is now, Taker) So, since Gillberg was imitating my new favorite in Goldberg I wasn’t a happy camper. 

4. How is it training with him?
Duane, and my other trainers Earl the Pearl and Ramblin’ Rich, who have done jobs in the WWF and have been successful independent wrestlers, are spectacular. I love them like my family and they know the business so, so well because they have been in it for so long. I am so lucky to have them.

5. Were your parents supportive of your dream?
They thought wrestling in general was going to be a phase of mine. They figured they would take me to my first live wrestling event and I wouldn’t want to go back. Obviously they were wrong. I think it was the same deal with actually wrestling, they figured I would try it and wouldn’t want to go back. Wrong again. Of course they don’t want to see me get hurt and I know it’s tough for them to see me limping my way back home or to come home with huge bruises, but they support me. It was something they had to get used to but now my parents have no problem telling people, “My daughter is training to be a professional wrestler.”

6. I see you are a student at Towson University, do any of your classmates or teacher know that you are a professional wrestler?
I’m transferring to Towson in the fall and have been going to Anne Arundel Community College for the past two years. Usually on that first day, when you tell something interesting about yourself I try to bring up wrestling. It answers a lot of questions anyway because people ask why I walk weird, limp, or if I lift weights. Plus I love the reactions… “You? You’re a wrestler?” If there’s a project or a paper where you can pick the topic it usually revolves around wrestling. It’s my passion, it’s who I am and I love it so it’s easy to write about it.

7. Have you ever met Towson and WWE Alumni Stacy Kiebler?
I haven’t had the pleasure, but my dad would take me to shows when I was younger I think partially just to see her. 

8. Who were your favorite wrestlers growing up and why?
When I was just starting to watch, The Rock was my favorite. Not only was he good looking to a little girl but he captured you on the microphone and was simply…electrifying. As I said I liked Goldberg for about a year, and he transitioned to me loving Taker who I still love to this day. Something about him really captured me and when my parents had some trouble I would watch a Taker match or a promo and all my problems would go away. That’s what wrestling is about, taking people away from their problems and making it all go away. I hope I can do the same for someone. 

9. Who were your favorite WWE divas?
I loved Trish, Lita, Victoria and especially Mickie because I was old enough to appreciate her when she got onto television.

10. What is your major at Towson and do you believe you can tie it into your wrestling career?
 My major is Electronic Media and Film, basically editing and the overall process of production of video. Wrestling is a business, media related with plenty of video production involved. I see this first hand with the MCW Rage TV tapings that we do on a regular basis. Just like the media world, the wrestling world is cut throat and you need to be able to communicate with people, make connections and use those connections when you need them. There are so many similarities as to what I’m learning in school and wrestling and I’m happy that it worked out that way.

11. Do you attend a lot of the independent shows outside of Maryland Championship Wrestling, and if so which is your favorite? 
To be honest, ever since starting my training I haven’t gone to any local independent wrestling shows. Eventually I’d love to venture into some all women’s promotions to wrestle in the next few years. 

12. When is your next match?
June 25th (my birthday) in Martinsburg VA

13. Can you describe your first match?
My only match in front of people thus far, yes I am THIS GREEN! It was a triple threat match at a free show this past January. We had it pretty down as far as what were doing so it was simple. I look forward to getting better so I can just call things on the fly, travel more and learn more in the process.

14. Would you ever apply for WWE Tough Enough why or why not?
Tough Enough I think is a great opportunity to jumpstart you, get you exposure, and get you to the WWE if you stand out enough to make it to the ones they pick. But let’s say if you do make it to the WWE locker room, you’re probably not going to get the respect from the boys/girls that you would if you got your way through developmental and made it your own way. It’s hard to say what I’d do if the opportunity really was there. I really want to travel and work independent shows, I want to gain connections and gain that experience. But at the same time, if the opportunity was there, who wouldn’t grab it? 

15. What would you say is different about your style?
I’m going to be sneaky and change this question a bit and tell you what’s different about me personally rather than my style. I am real. What you see is what you get. I’m hard working, honest, tough and genuine. I’m not afraid to make an idiot out of myself and I’m not afraid to bleed, bruise or go through fire to get what I want. I’m hard-headed and I will achieve my dreams and I am so thankful for all the support I get from my friends and family.

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