Monday, January 2, 2012

Interview with Lillie Mae

Lil Mae Interview

Lil Mae Interview
Lil Mae wrestles for Anarchy Championship Wrestling and many other organizations. I had the pleasure of speaking with her about her accomplishments, check it out
BDuB : How long have you been wrestling
Lil Mae:3 years in September
BDuB : Who has been some wrestlers that you idolized growing up?
Lil Mae: Jazz, Ivory, Chyna, and Trish Stratus
BDuB:Who is your favorite now?
Lil Mae Chris Jericho
BDuB : What was your favorite match that you have been in?
Lil Mae: Jazz and Awesome Kong vs Simply Luscious and me, I loved it! The first time I bled in a match. It was accidental, Jazz hit me with a chair and the corner caught me, but it was fun none the less
BDuB Do you preferred to be cheered or booed?
Lil Mae I love to be cheered. I am wrestling to entertain people and I love being the center of their attention.
BDuB Who is your dream opponent?
Lil Mae: Beth Phoenix
BDuB: Where would you like to see your career elevate to?
Lil Mae: I would love to make it to TNA or WWE, but my dream is to wrestle in Japan. Because it is hard to be a success in Japan. You have to work for the respect not just because you come out of the curtain happy or looking mean. Your work has to speak for its self
BDuB: How many title reigns have you had?
Lil Mae I haven’t had any titles yet. Almost every time I get a title shot, my opponent has to cheat to beat me.
BDuB: How long have you been a fan of professional wrestling?
Lil Mae I started watching wrestling in the attitude era of WWE and I have been hooked ever since
BDuB: Ever thought about being on tough enough?
Lil Mae: I sent my application into WWE’s casting department, but I wasn’t chosen. Tough Enough is something that would both be a challenge and an accomplishment for me.
BDuB: How do you manage your professional career and personal life?
Lil Mae: Wrestling is kinda like a big stress reliever for me. I am single and don’t have any children right now, so I am pretty free to do as I please. I love wrestling and every aspect of it. So I am glad I can live my dream.
BDuB: Do you have a different approach when you go to the ring when you know that you are going to win as opposed to when you will lose?
Lil Mae: For the majority of wrestling fans, they know wrestling is a work. Despite the fact if I win or lose, I give every match my all. This sport is about the fans. With out them, we wouldn’t have a job. It is my duty to make sure they are entertained to the fullest of my ability.
BDuB: Have you ever been seriously injured?
Lil Mae: Fortunately I haven’t been seriously injured. I have bitten through my lip and sprained my ankle, but nothing more than that.
BDuB: A lot of people say that wrestling is fake, how would you respond to that?
Lil Mae: I challenge everyone that says wrestling is fake to let me hit them with a chair, take a bump on the ground, or even take a forearm. Each wrestler, from the curtian jerkers, to main eventers put their bodies on the line each and every time we step in the ring. Wrestling is like magic shows. We know what magicians do is an illusion, but we still enjoy magic without knowing how the tricks are done.
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