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Interview with Marti Belle

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Recently, Mr Main Event BDuB had the pleasure of catching up with Marti Belle. She begin her wrestling career as a valet on July 12, 2008. She made her wrestling debut as a wrestler on November 7, 2009. Since making her debut she has wrestled for Women Superstars Uncensored, National Wrestling Superstars, and Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling.
1 How long have you been wrestling?
I spent a year working as manager/valet before I started to actually train. I have less than two years active in the ring.
2 Where did you start your career?
My career began at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, NY working for Johnny Rodz’s World of Unpredictable Wrestling (WUW) working as a valet/manager. That is also where I began my training a year later.
3 What have been some highlights in your career?
Both of my reigns as WSU Tag Team champions were amazing moments. The first was with Tina, who is one of my best friends in & out of the ring and she’s someone I’ve trained with since the beginning and someone who’s helped me out a lot. When she wasn’t able to make It to a title defense and Jazz stepped in, that was another amazing moment. Teaming up with Jazz to beat out two other teams and retain our titles, was truly a great moment
4 Who did you idolized growing up and why?
I loved Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels & Edge because they were super entertaining and full of character. From the women, I respected Molly Holly, Ivory, Jazz, Lita & Trish because they dared to be different. They could work as hard as the men could and still look fantastic doing so.
5 What was your favorite match growing up and why?
Can’t really say I have ONE match that was my favorite. I loved the TLC matches because it was so different and exciting.
6 What made you get into wrestling and why?
I got into the business in a peculiar manner, but I was always a big fan. This business puts together all of my loves; I can incorporate my acting, dancing, modeling and public speaking background into one.
7 What are your career goals in the business?
Honestly, working for WWE would of course be a dream come true but, at the same time, being healthy and having a lengthy career would be ideal. Working in various countries are also top goals.
8 Who is your dream opponent and why?
I would love to work a match against Molly Holly. I just have so much respect for who she is as a person and who she is/was as a performer. I had the chance to meet her a while back and she was such an amazing humble woman, I have nothing but admiration and respect for her.
9 What would you say is your best match on your career and why?
I’m not sure. I think what I’ve been noticing and what makes me very happy, is that each time I work, I find new things to work on, things I can improve and try to make sure I do improve and I do change up whatever it is I feel needs to be worked on. One of my favorite opponents though is Tina San Antonio. We know each other so well, its easy to have a good match together, the fun lies in creating something new every time.
10 Do you find it hard to maintain a personal life while being a professional
Hmm…Honestly, sometimes I think it can be difficult if you don’t have a strong support system. You need friends outside the business who understand that you won’t be available every weekend for a party, or a hang out. That staying out and partying every night isn’t an option anymore. I think if you learn quickly who your real friends are and if your family is amazing like mine, they learn to work with you.
11 What do you think about tough enough and would you ever participate?
I think TE is a good opportunity to be seen by WWE and to develop a fan base even before you are signed. So many people that don’t win go on to be signed that, its really to me just a developmental system of sorts. If chosen, I’d love to participate.
12. How do you manage your personal and professional life?
Time management. I literally have an agenda I write everything in. From trainings, to shows, to dinners, hang outs, everything! I think you have to put an effort to keep both parts of your life taken care of.
13. Who is your favorite person to work with in the ring and why?
I love working with Tina, Amy Lee is a lot of fun as is Rick Cataldo.
14. Where do you see your career in ten years?
Hopefully still working in wrestling, healthy and happy.
15. Anything you want to say to your fans?
Thank you for all your support. From the fans who enjoy what I do and express it to those that don’t like me, thank you, at least you’re paying attention. I am very approachable and friendly, feel free to come say hi! AND SUPPORT INDY WRESTLING. We bust our behinds for the fans every night without the big money backing us up and without the big wad of cash in our pockets, we do it because we love it.

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