Monday, January 2, 2012

Interview with Mia Yim

Mia Yim is an up and coming wrestler on the independent scene. She is based out of Northern Virginia and she is also a full time student. I had the pleasure of seeing her wrestle Sara Del Rey on April 23 at RCW Supremacy. I was able to catch up with her to do an interview, check it out.

1.       How long have you been wrestling

I have been wrestling for about a year in a half now

2.       Who have been some wrestlers that you idolized growing up?

Growing up, I have always been a Lita fan. Her badass attitude and different style stood out to me 

3.       Who is your wrestler favorite now?
Now, my favorite wrestlers are Kana and Low Ki 

4.       What was your favorite match that you have been in?
I have alot of favorite. I would say that my Shimmer match with me & Jamilia Craft v. Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa and my recent match at RCW with Sara Del Rey are the top on the list

5.       Do you preferred to be cheered or booed?
Really depends if I'm feeling like a good girl or a bitch :) 

6.       Who is your dream opponent?
Hmmm dream opponent..I would love to wrestle my idol, Kana.  

7       What has been your most memorable moment your career so far?
I have lots of memorable moments, most of them are with the friends I made in the business though. I will never ever forget the people I have met and the impact they have brought to my life.  

8.      Where would you like to see your career elevate to?
I would love to work for the WWE, but as of now, I am happy with where I am now. I also would love to go wrestle in Japan or Mexico one day.  

9.        Have you  ever thought about being on tough enough?
I thought about it, and I put my education first. When I finish school and they do another Tough Enough competition, I would def try to get on it

10.      How do you manage your professional career and personal life?

Great time management. I have to prioritize alot. I make sure wrestling is on the weekends. From Mon-Friday i concentrate on school work. I always have holidays and breaks from school to train as much as I can. 

 11.     Anything in particular you want to say to your fans?
Thank you all for your support. Without you, there would be no me ^.^ Sarangheh 

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