Monday, January 2, 2012

Interview with Prentice Gibson

MEBD: How long have you been wrestling?
PG: 11 years
MEBD: What is your favorite type of match to participate in?
PG: That is a tough one but if I HAD to choose it would be a "Last Man Standing"
MEBD: What promotions do you wrestle for?
PG: Tri-State Wrestling, New Focus Wrestling, WCWO, Midwest Championship Wrestling, XPW, CWA, Wrestling Express, upon many many more!
MEBDWho was your favorite wrestler growing up?
PG: Ricky Dragon SteamBoat, Macho Man, JYD, Sting but I would have to say that Dwayne The Rock Johnson has great charisma and personality that just cant be reckoned with!    
MEBDWhere did you train?
PG: I have trained in Louisville ky. Chase Stevens & BoBo Brazil Jr. have trained me as well.
MEBDWhat has been the best advice that you have been given and who gave it to you?
PG: the best advice i have been given has been to give my fans what they want and giving it my all no matter what it takes. Chase Stevens!
MEBDWhat do you think about the state of Professional Wrestling today?
PG: WOW! well...wrestling is definitely not what it used to be so If i could make a change I would bring back a bit of the electrifying element that it lacks today. Sometimes it seems to me that professional wrestling at times is a soap opera than a true passion of wrestling.
MEBDWho are your current favorites and why?
PG: Myself, haha, no but seriously John Cena because he has stood up for what he believes in and along with his fans he has his haters but they have seemed to brand him and his name that much more, Booker T because he speaks his mind and he is dominate!
MEBDWho has been your best opponent so far?
PG: BoBo Brazil jr. 

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