Monday, January 2, 2012

Interview with Tjay Sykes

MEBD: How long have you been wrestling
TJ: Ive been wrestling for 2 1/2 years now. Probably the best years of my life so far haha.
MEBD: What is your favorite type of match to participate in?
TJ:  My favorite match hands down would be a ladder match. The match is so intense and it lets you bring out the creative side in you. Be innovative you know? From watching classic ladder matches like HBK and Razor to the Hardy Boyz, E&C and The Dudleys makes you respect that type of match and of course the compettitors in it as well.
MEBD: What promotions do you wrestle for?
TJ:  I work for Summit Wrestling Association out in Greencastle Pa., Undisputed Championship Wrestling in Uniontown and South Connellsville PA. Real Championship Wrestling in my hometown of Baltimore MD, House Of Pain Wrestling in West Virginia, NWA Mountain State Wrestling in West Virginia. And couple others but those are the main ones.
MEBD: Who was your favorite wrestler growing up?
TJ: Well of course I have to go with The Heartbreak Kid Shwan Michaels. I know its a classic answer but hey HBK is the real deal haha.
MEBD: Where did you train?
TJ:  I have trained with Tatanka, Burn Blankenship out of West Virginia and Chucky Wynn who was trained by Kyda Pro in Mannassas Virginia.
MEBD: What has been the best advice that you have been given and who gave it to you?
TJ: "Be Different", Tatanka always told me that. I still keep that advice in my head to this day and "Relax" HBK gave me that advice when I met him awhile back.
MEBD: What do you think about the state of Professional Wrestling today?
TJ:  The state of Professional Wrestling could use a good kick in the ass basically. If you think back to say the 80's or 90's was when wrestling was at its best to me. Plain and simple my advice would be save the drama and get back to what its all about and that Wrestling in itself. Alot of people are in it for them selves when we should be helping this biz grow and make Pro wrestling hot again.
MEBD: Who are your favorites currently and why?
TJ: My favorites currently have to be The Pope D'Angelo Dinero, as for the indy circuit I would say Adam Cole. Why? Well as for the Pope the man has it all, Charisma, in ring ability, the look, you name it hes deserves a world title. As for Adam Cole who by the way is on the top of my list right now to go toe to toe with, hes one of those guys that you look at and say "That guy has got it". Cole is gonna do great things ifor this biz, but guess what ill be right there doing the same.
MEBD: Who has been your best opponent so far?
TJ: My best opponent so far has to be one of my best friends in Skull where we tore it down up at Undisputed Championship Wrestling. We never finished that match but rest assured that we will one day and finally put to rest who is the better man.
MEBD: When did you decide to do the Michael Jackson Character?
TJ:  I decided to do it actually a couple months before he passed away and I have transitioned the look to more of a Pop Star look. But Still have a bit of the MJ look to me as a tribute to him.
MEBD: Were you worried that it would not be taken seriously?
TJ: Was I worried? I guess alittle, but it seems like its taken off pretty well. But I still did the transition to a Pop Star just to change it up a bit.
MEBD: Name your top favorite MJ songs?
TJ: Number one of course is Billie Jean as for the others its honestly a toss up. I could'nt really choose outta the rest
MEBD: What would say makes you unique in and out of the ring?
TJ: What makes me unique is the fact that each time you see me in the ring I like trying new things and testing my limits. Im not like Cena with the 5 moves of doom everything with me has to be different each match. Being Unique to me isnt something that you force it just happens. Outside the ring I like to be sociable with the fans, give advice that I can give to the fans that one day want to be a wrestler. Help anyway I can. I know what it was like to be a fan and I still am in many ways
MEBD: How can you be booked?
TJ: To reach me for bookings reach me at my emai, hit me up on twitter @The_KThrilla, or on Facebook.
MEBD: Is there any footage fans can find of you?
TJ: Footage is all over haha. Look my name up on youtube TJ Sykes or TJay Sykes. Summit Wrestling fan page on Facebook as well.

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