Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mr Main Event's Thoughts on Chris Jericho's Return

For weeks, fans of professional wrestling have waited for the mystery of 1/2/12 to unfold. It began with a small label in the screen advertising a YouTube address for fans to check out a video. As time drew near, fans saw a commercial with a young boy and girl claiming that they would come back and reclaim what is theirs. Many people thought that this would mean the return of Shane and Stephanie McMahon. After all who would let John Laurinaitis run their family business?

As the date got closer, Fans starting speculating that it would be Chris Jericho returning. Notable phrases in the promo, "take back what is rightfully mine," and "the world as you know it will change." Could Jericho be coming back to reclaim his gimmicks. It is fact that he feels that guys such as The Miz, Cody Rhodes, R-Truth and CM Punk have been mimicking his ways.

So the time is here. The arena is completely dark, fans anxiously await, some even holding signs saying Y2J. As they reached near the one minute mark after the dark silence, the music hits and the lyrics scream BREAK THE WALLS DOWN! Chris Jericho makes his return wearing a jacket that he may have picked up from Graceland on his way to the arena. As he approached the ring with his jacket blinking white lights, fans were happy to see one of their heroes from the "Attitude Era" return to the WWE ring. Jericho entered the ring playing into the crowd, and fans awaited for him to grab the microphone and speak. As he played with the crowd to see who would give the loudest pop, he began to go outside the ring and run around and shake the hands of every fan at the front row. Fans continued to cheer until Jericho made his way up the ramp stood there and looked at everyone with a smile and did not come back.

On Perfect Plex Talk Radio, fans indicated that all that hype and no delivery. So what this mean. What Chris Jericho did was exactly what Triple H promised, take all the unpredictably out of everything. It would have been so cliche' for Jericho to come out and talk about how everyone has taking his gimmick. But what does that do, it buries everyone because it exposes them. If he goes straight for CM Punk, it knocks Dolph Ziggler completely out of the title picture. It also forces fans to choose between he and Punk. Knowing Chris Jericho, he would have had a field day going back and forth with Punk and he would have possibly exposed the fact that Punk takes a lot of his moves from New Japan Pro Wrestlers. Nonetheless, Jericho coming out as a face and walking out as heel is a pure genius move. Next week, fans will be hooked to see just exactly what he has to say. Finally after playing with everyone's emotions on twitter Jericho still has every fan in the wrestling business by the palm of his hand and glued to his twitter account. (IamJericho)

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