Friday, January 6, 2012

Intriguing Super Bowl Matchups

Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers
On Thanksgiving this was named the Har-Bowl. With both teams being coached by brothers John and Jim this would be an epic story. Never before has this been done before and this would also be a great defensive game

Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers
A rematch of last years matchup would be epic. These are two of the NFLs most prestigious franchises and another Super Bowl match would be one for franchise supremacy

New England Patriots vs New York Giants
The last time these two teams were in the Super Bowl, the Giants pulled of what is known as the "Giant Upset" over the undefeated Patriots. The Patriots would love to gain revenge on the team that prevented them from setting perhaps an unbeatable record.

New Orleans Saints vs Denver Broncos
Why would this be epic. The story of two inspirational quarterbacks. Drew Brees prior to winning a Super Bowl was released by the Chargers because they felt that he did not have anything left. Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has been criticized even by his own front office and reaching the Super Bowl would be amazing.

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