Thursday, January 5, 2012

Which NFC Story is most intriguing

After looking at the AFC stories, take a look at the NFC stories.

Green Bay Packers
The Packers won the Super Bowl a year ago with more than half of their starters sidelined. This year they came back stronger than ever to an impressive 15-1 record. In week 17, Matt Flynn set a new franchise passing record with 480 yards along with six touchdowns. Obviously Aaron Rodgers will be leading the team through out the playoffs, but in case something happens to him, they still should be in pretty good shape. Rodgers has been really hot all season and winning a Super Bowl will prove that the Packers made the right decision by going with him over Farve.

San Francisco 49ers
After bringing in coach Jim Harbaugh from Stanford, many looked at this year as a rebuilding year for the 49ers. Perhaps they would their record would be bad enough to draft Andrew Luck. For the niners, it was the complete opposite. They played their way all the way to the 2nd seed. They say defense wins championships and the 49ers do have the defense that can take them through Indianapolis.

New Orleans Saints
With Drew Brees setting the record for most passing yards in a season, the Saints are playing better than ever. Winning eight consecutive games to finish the season, they seem more unbeatable than the Green Bay Packers. But if the Saints play this postseason like they did a year ago, this season will be an even more disappointment. But the Saints playing at a high level, if they can get past Green Bay at home, they will find themselves right in Indianapolis.

New York Giants
The Giants began the season 6-2. Afterwards they would go ahead to lose 5 of the last 8. The Giants however did win the last two games which were division games that they needed in order to get into the playoffs. But the way they playing, there is no way that they can win the Super Bowl playing at a low level. However, if they pull of the unthinkable, what a story it would be for Eli Manning to win the Super Bowl in big brother Peyton's backyard.

Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons have been one of the most one the best passing teams in the NFL. With the addition of Julio Jones, Matt Ryan has multiple threats at the wide receiving position. However, a year ago they failed to win at home in the playoffs. Matt Ryan has failed to win a playoff game since his arrival to the NFL. If he is going get to the Super Bowl, he must do it by possibly going into a cold city, such as Green Bay. If the Falcons are going to reach Indianapolis, the world may have to find out just how cool Matty Ice really is.

Detroit Lions
Just a couple of years ago, the Detroit Lions did not win a game. Now Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson, continue to prove just why they are the cornerstones of this franchise. When the team began 5-0 , it was a great story, even though they were overshadowed by the defending champions. When they lost 5 out of their next 7, many thought that the early run was just a fluke. However, the Lions won some meaningful games down the stretch to find themselves finally in the playoffs after years of misery. If Stafford and Johnson can rally the team together, then the Detriot Lions will be a franchise that fans all over the world will take seriously once again.

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