Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Interview with Arda Ocal the host of Aftermath

Recently, Mr Main Event had the honor of speaking with Arda Ocal is the host of Aftermath radio. He along with former WWE Referee Jimmy Korderas review Monday Night Raw each week. Ocal is also a professional wrestling blogger for the Baltimore Sun. Here is what Ocal had to say about his career as a radio personality in professional wrestling.

BW: When did you first decide to get into the business?
Ocal: In 2005 I finished University and was working a regular desk job. I am a
lifelong pro wrestling fan and I always wanted wrestling to be a part of
my life in some way, so I decided to start volunteering in the
independents, and found Blood Sweat and Ears. I worked my way up from
helping set up the ring and handing out flyers to promoting events and
ring announcing, as well as DVD commentary.

BW: How did you and Jimmy Korderas come together to do Aftermath?
Ocal: When Jimmy left WWE, he started refereeing at independent events,
including ours. When we met, we just hit of off and have been good
friends ever since. Outside of Aftermath I consider him one of my
closest friends.

BW:  What would you say was your favorite interview so far?
Ocal: It's tough to pick just one, I love many for different reasons. We just
did one with Zach Gowen that was one of the most informative interviews
we've ever done. Roddy Piper always pours his heart out and gives so
much. Chris Jericho is extremely entertaining and bleeds charisma. Bret
Hart is another one because he has such amazing insight into pro
wrestling and I like trying to ask him questions he's never gotten

BW: Was there ever time in which you were nervous?
Ocal: I would say the first time I ever did a WWE related interview, I was
nervous. I had a show Wednesday nights on CKMS 100.3 FM in western
Ontario and I attended a WWE live event as media for the first time. I
interviewed Shane Helms. Now I've talked to him several times and I
would consider him a friend now, but back then meeting him for the first
time, combined with how official the process was and with WWE PR
watching, it wwas a nerve wracking experience.

BW: What were some of your biggest mark out moments since you have been involved in
this business?

Ocal: At the end of the day I'm still a fan. I still get goose bumps
sometimes. CM Punk's rant was a big one. When The Rock returned for the
first time in seven years. Cena vs Punk at Money in the Bank. When the
Nexus attacked John cena and tore up the ring. There are plenty of great
moments.. at the end of the day, why would I want to be involved in the
business if I didn't still get a rush from watching it or being a part?

BW: I recall you saying that Mr Perfect was among your top favorites of
all time, what was your favorite match of his?

Ocal: He is without a doubt my favourite pro wrestler of all time, hands down.
Honestly I don't have a favourite match. I really enjoyed his live event
Coliseum Video matches against Hulk Hogan. He knew exactly how to make
his opponent look like a million bucks every match. Of course you haave
to add his matches with Bret Hart, particularly SummerSlam 1991.

BW: Wrestlers always speak about their potential favorite WrestleMania
moments, but no one really speaks of the importance of the announcers,
what are some of your favorite WrestleMania moments?

Ocal: The announcers are absolutely important... "Stone Cold, Stone Cold,
Tyson and Austin!" at WrestleMania 14 will live forever. "The
irresistible force meeting the immoveable object" at WrestleMania 3...
Without Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon, so many matches wouldn't have had
that same prestige and allure. Those are among my most find memories.

BW: What is your favorite matchup and why
Ocal: Growing up my favourite match of all time was Bret Hart vs Owen Hart at
WrestleMania 10.. I really got into the brother vs brother rivalry, and
both were such terrific in ring competitors, and that match opened
WrestleMania 10 and really set the tone. It was a fast paced, awesome
technical matchup. Even the beginning was great with a little subtle
comedy, and of course Owen pulling off the clean victory. What a story.

BW: You and Mr Korderas did a look back for every Royal Rumble and
WrestleMania, can we look forward to ones for Summerslam and Survivor

Ocal: It's likely we will consider doing SummerSlam LookBacks.. a lot of
people have asked, and who are we to say no?

BW:  Have you ever attended any of the classic four events live and if so
can you describe the experience?

Ocal: I've been to many WrestleManias and the atmosphere is exactly how you
would expect it - actually, the loudest one I attended was WrestleMania
22 in Chicago, the only one I've attended that was in a smaller arena as
opposed to a stadium. That was probably because of the acoustics in the
building but it was red hot loud, especially for Cena vs HHH in the main
event. I've been to one Royal Rumble, in Detroit in 2009 and one
SummerSlam in Toronto in 2004. Personally, I enjoy live events just as
much as TV or Pay Per View because the superstars seem to have more ad
lib fun in the ring.

You can follow Arda Ocal on twitter at arda_ocal

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