Thursday, April 12, 2012

Daniel Bryan Madness

In June 2010, the WWE introduced a new reality show titled NXT. This was for upcoming wrestlers to make an attempt at earning a WWE contract. Each wrestler had a "pro" which was someone that would help guide them to be the best. In this class were some of today's bona fide superstars which included Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga and the winner Wade Barrett. But there was one who would emerge higher than these guys. His name, Daniel Bryan. 
After the competition, These guys participated Ina hostile takeover of the WWE. In a main event match on Monday Night Raw that featured then WWE Champion John Cena and CM Punk, these guys attacked not only Punk and Cena but they literally destroyed everything on site. Upon destroying everything, Bryan would attack ring announcer Justin Roberts and choke him out with Roberts' necktie. Due to the PG programming of the WWE, Bryan was released. 
After Bryan's release, the Internet Wrestling Community expressed their anger. Bryan, who was very popular on the Indy scene, made a couple of appearances in a couple of promotions and fans expressed how much they wanted to see him back in the WWE. At SummerSlam 2010, Bryan was the surprise member of Team WWE in their bout against the Nexus. 

In July 2011, Daniel Bryan won the Smackdown Money In the Bank match and vowed that he would cash it in at WrestleMania. However on December 14, after The Big Show defeated Mark Henry to become the new World Heavyweight Champion, and was immediately attacked after the match, Bryan grabbed a referee and ran from the back of the First Mariner Arena straight to the ring and defeated the Big Show in less than one minute of him winning the gold. 

After winning the title, Bryan would become one of the most arrogant individuals in the WWE. His arrogance was introduced by his now popular YES chant. Whether it was a title match or not he would chant YES after each and every victory. He would also go around continuously telling everyone how he was the smartest wrestler in the world and he could beat anyone in the WWE. 

Bryan also found a new love interest in AJ. Each week she stood by his side and whenever he used her as a shield for danger she embraced her role and did whatever it took to make sure he was safe. 

On April 1, Daniel Bryan was set to achieve a lifelong dream, making his WrestleMania debut. The match, he would be defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Royal Rumble winner Sheamus. As he walked down the aisle fans began chanting along with him YES. After receiving a good luck kiss from AJ, Bryan turned around and walked right into a Brogue Kick from Sheamus and was pinned immediately making him the quickest to ever lose the World title. 

So the question is where does Daniel Bryan go from here?  In my opinion the fact that he lost the belt so fast actually played the role of a catalyst in him being over with the fans. Fans were already chanting YES prior to WrestleMania in Miami, but after he lost, the chants tripled. The next night on Raw, there were even more chants. What I liked was how he used the chants to tell the audience that they did not support him. This helps him maintain his heel credibility. Being as over as Bryan is, it will be a matter of time before he will be wearing the World title again. 

Usually once certain wrestlers gain the title, it gets to a point that fans are bored easily and want to see a change. Take Randy Orton, when he defeated Christian and the two had the rivalry of Summer 2011. 

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