Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Randy Orton Suspended for 60 Days

This from WWE.COM, Randy Orton has been Suspended for 60 Days!

In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Randy Orton for 60 days effective today for his second violation of the company's policy.

What I will never understand is why do professional wrestlers not realize the privilege they have. Randy Orton has been suspended before for a wellness policy violation. When he comes back, what does the WWE do with him. Now we know that he will not be involved in the title picture. A year ago he was the World Heavyweight Champion, the face of Smackdown and having some of the best matches of his career with Christian, and now he is suspended for 60 days. What do the WWE do with him now, how many chances does a main eventer like him deserve?


Im Better Than This!!

Recently  on Monday Night Raw, Dolph Ziggler lashed out at Vickie Guerrero making it very clear that he was tried of being held back and that he was better than tag team competition. For wrestling fans, how can you not like Ziggler. He is one of the best inside he ring today. His show off gimmick makes every man wish they could have those skills, and his mic skills are well above the average. But where does Ziggler go from here?

Looking at Dolph Ziggler, many would say that it is time for him to go into the main event picture. When you think about it, why not? He has won both the Intercontinental and United States Championships and has placed his name is the wing of those legends who held those titles. Guys such as Mr Perfect and Rick Rude who held those belts with class.

Placing Ziggler in a main event, who does he square of against? Randy Orton is too hot right now, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are both must see TV when they square of against each other. John Cena and the Big Show finally have a reason to fight each other worth caring for. Maybe we will see Ziggler against the winner of Sheamus and Del Rio, assuming that spot is not for Randy Orton. Only time will tell, but I must say that is very exciting that Ziggler is leaving the side of Jack Swagger. And besides myself, the only person I know who is happier is Charlie Speed of Podcast of Pain, where you can download by clicking the link every Tuesday Morning, who absolutely despises Jack Swagger. (Want to know why, email him at


Saturday, May 26, 2012

NBA Conference Finals Predictions

San Antonio Spurs vs Oklahoma City Thunder  Spurs in 7

This is a classic battle of the number one seed versus the number two. The Spurs who are viewed as the old team have been undefeated in the playoffs. Tim Duncan, the oldest member on the team (36) has found the fountain of youth. The Thunder are not as inexperienced as they have been the past two trips to the playoffs. This series promises to be a classic that will go seven games. In the end, the Spurs will prove just why they are the best in the west.

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat    Celtics in 7
Since the playoffs began, the Celtics have been playing on a high level. Sure they went seven games with the Sixers in the Semi-Finals, but they have proved that when they are battle tested, they rise to the occasion. Since the arrival of Chris Bosh and LeBron James to Miami, there has been more pressure on this team to win the NBA Championship. When Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose was sidelined for the playoffs, many felt that the Heat would have an easy road. They forgot about the veteran Boston Celtics. The Celtics may have one run left as the "Big Three" (Pierce, Allen, and Garnett), and what better what to close it then to advance to the NBA Finals

Orioles Magic Continues in the Front Office

Since Cal Ripken retired in 2001, the fans in Baltimore have lacked the player who would have them excited to come to Camden Yards. Sure, there were players such as Joe Carter, Albert Belle, and Vladmir Guerrero who signed contracts, however, by the time these guys arrived, they were well out of their prime. Orioles fans desired for the team to get younger. When they would get younger guys, these guys did not deliver until after their departure from Baltimore. Jose Bautista went to Toronto and became a MVP candidate. There were even some Baltimore natives who were signed by other teams and went on to have successful careers. Mark Teixeira the most notable, had an all-star career for the Texas Rangers. When he became a free agent, Teixeira declined the offer from the Orioles and went to the rival New York Yankees. Each time he visits Baltimore, fans remind him that they have not forgot about that decision.

Prior to the 2008 season, the Orioles traded their ace pitcher Erik Bedard for George Sherill, Chris Tilman, and up and coming center fielder Adam Jones. Many questioned this trade as Bedard was one of the best pitchers in baseball with 18 wins, while Jones Tilman and Sherill had not proved themselves yet.

Jones began his career with the Orioles playing solid ball. He became the second player to hit a triple and a grand slam home run in Yankee stadium as a visitor. He finished the season batting .270 with 9 home runs and 57 RBIs.

2009 proved to be the year that the Jones was a franchise player in the making. He won his first career gold glove along with making his first All-Star game appearance.

In 2011, Jones continued to prove himself as a franchise player as he set career records with home runs (25) and RBIs (83).

As the 2012 season approach, Jones stated that he wanted to play for a winning team. Fans in Baltimore knew that since the arrival of Buck Showalter as manager, a winning team was not far away. However if the Orioles were going to have a winning team, they would need to keep guys such as Jones, Matt Weiters, and Nick Markakis. With Jones contract talks up in the air, it would be very important for them to get this deal done soon. Jones expressed his desire for a long term deal with his bat. He is tied for third in the American League with 14 home runs along with a .309 batting average and 31 RBIs. Jones is currently on pace for 48 homeruns, two short of Brady Anderson's franchise record in 1996 of 50.

On Friday May 25, Orioles front office stated that they were closing in on a deal to keep Jones in Baltimore. They are expected to hold a press conference announcing the details of the deal. Jones is expected to be under contract with the Orioles through 2018, with a total of $85.5 million. This will make him the second highest center fielder behind 2011 MVP Runner up Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers. This will be the largest deal in Oriole history.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dolph Ziggler, Rising or Falling?

For two consecutive Royal Rumble's Dolph Ziggler has been involved in a World Championship Match, only to be forgotten about in a tag team match at WrestleMania. With this years return of Chris Jericho, one was almost certain that Ziggler would not be in the main event come the granddaddy of them all. However afterwards, why is that he has not been able to return to the main event picture. My co-host The Real Dwayne Allen from the Wrestling Wrealm brought up a good point, Ziggler has not been able to connect with the fans.

Connecting with the fans, what does this means? Look at some stars past and present, Hogan had fans saying their prayers and eating their vitamins. Stone Cold Steve Austin did what every hard working man and woman wanted to do, cuss out their boss. The Rock was the guy every woman wanted, and man wanted to be. Today CM Punk has everyone wanting to drop pipe-bombs. John Cena has all the children telling their friends, you can't see me, and Daniel Bryan has all sports fans yelling YES. What has Ziggler done?

Without a doubt, this guy is gold in the ring. Many people compare him to the late great Mr Perfect Curt Henning. His in ring skills are great and he sells for his opponent better than some wrestling companies sell their product. Whenever you watch a match that involves Dolph Ziggler, you are guaranteed entertainment. But what does he do before his matches to hook you onto his story. When Ziggler became United States Champion last summer, he made that title seem so important. And it seemed as if he was ready to let Vicki Guerrero go. However as time went on, his character seemed to be at a solid standstill to the point if he lets go of her, he may be lost in the shuffle character wise. When Ziggler finally connects with the fans it will be only a matter of time before he is world champion.


Birds Magic Back in Baltimore

What franchise in the history of Major League Baseball has four twenty game winners in one season? The 1971 Baltimore Orioles. In 71, Mike Cuellar, Pat Dobson, and Jim Palmer had 20 wins, while Dave McNally had 21.. Those Orioles would finish with a 101-57 record. However they would fail to win a second straight World Series as they lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates in seven games. The Orioles would the World Series in 77, and 83 and have not won any since. In 96 and 97, the Orioles brought magic back to Baltimore as they reached the playoffs for the first time since 1983. However they lost in the American League Championship Series both years in six games. The Orioles have not had a winning season since.

In August 2010 the Orioles hired Buck Showalter as the manager. After a 2-14 start, they finished the season strong under Showalter with a 34-24 record between the months of August, September, and October. Fans in Baltimore could not wait until the 2011 season. However, the disappointment would strike again. The Orioles finished 69-93. But if it was one thing that gave them hope for 2012, it was the fact that they prevented the Boston Red Sox from reaching the post season as they defeated them 4-3, and within minutes, Tampa Bay Rays' Evan Longoria hit a game winning home run against the New York Yankees and the Rays allowing them to secure the wild card slot. Experts call this the greatest day in baseball history.

As the 2012 season approached, fans in Baltimore were optimistic. Fresh off the heart breaking lost by the Ravens in the AFC Championship Series, they were just hoping for a season above .500. They knew that with a manager luck Showalter, losing seasons would not continue every year, but when would the turn around come was the question. Showalter, a respected manager in the league, was responsible for putting together the World Series Championship teams in New York (Yankees) and Arizona, and a dominating Texas Rangers team in the early 90s. While "Buck" was putting these teams together, he was always replaced, and then a new manager would come in and win the World Series with them.

The Orioles have showed promise this season. Currently sitting in 1st place with a record of 28-16, the Orioles are the most powerful team in the majors leading everyone with 65 team home runs. Adam Jones leads the team with 15 and is 3rd in the American League. Orioles baseball has not been this exciting since 97, when the team went wire to wire in first place all season. This year, they have had their share of battles, including a 17 inning win over the rival Red Sox. In this game, both teams used a position player to pitch after using everyone in their bullpen. For the Orioles it was Chris Davis who was 0-7 at the plate scoring the victory, including striking out Adrian Gonzalez. The Orioles would finish that series with a sweep over the Red Sox in Boston for the first time since 94.

The 2012 Orioles are road warriors. Currently they have a league best 15-6 record on the road which includes series victories over the Red Sox, Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, Kansas City Royals and Washington Nationals. Many of these wins are credited to their bullpen who has a league best 19 saves. A year ago, when it was time to call the bullpen, fans knew that the game was in trouble. Everyone says that the Orioles start this way every year, but the magic in Baltimore says other wise as the Os are getting it done with their bats and on the mound. How sweet will it be if the Orioles and the Ravens are both playing in October. While it is too  early to tell, fans have a reason to be excited about baseball once again in Baltimore.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mr Main Event's 5 most debated superstars on the top 50 WCW list

Dennis Rodman at #48
While suspended from the NBA After the 96-97 season run Rodman teamed with Hulk Hogan and the NWO. This was during a time where WCW was going head to hear with the WWE in the Monday Night Wars. WWE would later answer with Mike Tyson. Rodman was a key member of the NWO as he assisted Hollywood Hogan in regaining the WCW World heavyweight championship. He also teamed with Hogan to battle Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Malone at Bash at the Beach 98. While Rodman had an impact I do not believe that he was the 48th top WCW superstar. 

Stunning Steve Austin #15
While Steve austin was a great worker on WCW he never reached main event status. Personally I believe he reached this status due to the guy he later became. No one could deny what he did in the ring but for someone who was held back by the powers that be how could he been the 15th greatest superstar in WCW history with guys like Arn Anderson, The Giant, and Ricky the Dragon Steamboat behind him?

Scott Steiner #10
I understand that Scott Steiner was a main eventer in the later days of WCW but during that time the company was headed to the toilet and had no one else to turn to. Looking at Vader and Scott Hall who is behind him he clearly did not impact the company as much as these guys did. Vader was a top heel and world champion in the 90s while Hall was one of the founding fathers of the NWO, a great worker and one of the reasons wrestlers have guaranteed contracts today. In my opinion Steiner barely makes number the top 25. 

Booker T #8
For years Booker T and Stevie Ray were one of the top tag teams in WCW. Booker was clearly the work horse in the group. After Stevie Ray left to go to the NWO Booker maintained an excellent singles career and held down the Midcard. As WCW was on its downfall he rose to main event status including winning the last WCW championship under Ted Turner. Looking at his career he is a top 5 guy in my opinion. One I would switch him with is my final debate, Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash #5
In 1996, Kevin Nash and his best friend Scott Hall departed from the WWE to join Ted Turner's WCW. Their arrival would change the business forever. When they arrived they really blurred the lines as to what was real and what was entertainment. However, how often did Nash wrestle?  Now I know this business is about entertainment but in my opinion Nash is just a little high on the list. I would switch him with Booker T. You can not deny what he did for WCW but how far would he have gotten without Hogan?


Monday, May 21, 2012

Chris Jericho Best in the World???

Chris Jericho states that he is the best in the world. He has the right to say that considering he is the only superstar to defeat Austin and The Rock in the same night but since his return Jericho has failed to win the "big one". In 2001 he was the last pick to become the undisputed champion considering  his consistent failure  to win the big one. On Raw Jericho made a statement to take out Randy Orton and he constantly taunted him after three code breakers saying that he is the best in the world. One has to ask if Jericho cannot win the big one, is he really the best in the world???


Sunday, May 20, 2012

WWE Over The Limit Results and Review

Battle Royal to winner faces US champion or IC champion

This match features a lot of young guys and veterans. I was hoping to see David Otunga win it and perhaps defeat Santino but that was not the case it was the returning Christian who would win this in a very entertaining way. I was surprised that Tyson Kidd lasted as long as he did. He really capitalized on a opportunity to perform on a big stage. 

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeat Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler to retain the tag team championship

Whenever you get Kingston and Ziggler in the same ring it's guaranteed entertainment and Great wrestling. Truth and Swagger even added their flavor in this match. This was a great way to get the pace going for this pay per view. In the end it was Kingston getting the upper hand on Ziggler. 

Layla defeats Beth Phoenix to retain the Divas championship

For months the divas division has been looked at as a joke.  When Layla came back it seemed as if the timing may have been off a little due to the fact that everyone has been waiting for Kharma. However, since she has been back we have seen entertainment in the ring from a diva besides Cameron Lynn and Naomi. With Everyone waiting for Kharma to return these two ladies put on a match that kept your eyes on the match and not to the curtain. In the end it was Layla hitting a neck breaker to retain her title. 

Sheamus defeats Alberto Del Rio Randy Orton and Chris Jericho to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. 

Sheamus heading into this match was at a championship disadvantage. After all, he did not have to get pinned in order to lose the title. When ever there is a fatal four way match it seems as if there is one who outshines everyone involved. Not tonight. Everyone came to win. But it was Sheamus who would have the last laugh as he pinned Chris Jericho to retain the title 

Brodus Clay defeats The Miz
For weeks we have seen Miz going on a losing streak and tonight his bad luck did not end. He indicated that he was a better dancer than Brodus Clay and that he would defeat him. For awhile it seemed that someone would finally take down the Funkasaourus but in the end Clay hit the body splash and the Miz losing ways continues 

Tyler Recks and Curt Hawkins have really made their presecene known. Being under John Laurinaitis will really help these guys make an impact in the WWE universe. Tonight they decided to take away all signs that spoke negative about the GM. 

Christian defeats Cody Rhodes to become Intercontinental Champion

For a fourth time, Christian makes his triumphant return and wins the intercontinental championship.  These two showed what happens when you put a great veteran and a rising star in the ring together. Cody Rhodes began the match drawing heat indicating that his father Dusty Rhodes would by allow him to come to North Carolina to watch his shows. Through out the match he said that he is tired of everyone over looking him. However he spoke too much as it was Christian who would hit him with a killswitch and obtain the Intercontinental Championship. 

CM Punk defeats Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Championship

This match was everything and more that everyone expected. These two put on a wrestling clinic. From every submission move imaginable to every way you think of to kick a person these two veterans left it all on the line. Just when you thought Punk would tap out to the Yes lock he was able to roll over while still being punished and get the one two three and then he would tap but he had already retained his title. Bryan will be back to seek vengeance no doubt about it. 

Ryback defeats Camacho
In another squash match Ryback's winning ways continue. 

John Laurinaitis defeats John Cena 
The stipulations in this match was that there would be no disqualification or count out. Also if anyone who was on the roster interfered they would be fired. Last but not least of Laurinaitis loses he would be fired. Throughout the match Cena beat the living hell out of Laurinaitis. But as he tried to escape the Big Show was waiting for at the exit and he would kindly help him back to the ring. Just as it looked that Cena would hit the attitude adjustment and score the pin fall, he was greeted by a WMS and therefore would lose the match. I guess it is safe to say Big Show crying was a set up all along. 

For a Pay-Per-View that did not have much build up, I say it was one of their better ones for the past six months.

Interview with Sienna DuVall

Recently Mr Main Event Brian Waters had the honor of catching up with the new DWF/LOCO Diamond Doll
Champion Sienna Duvall. She discusses exactly how it felt felt winning her first title.

When we last talked you were Simply Dyvne. Can you explain to the fans the name change?

The name change came because of the transition I made with my wrestling. Simply Dvyne was juvenile to the woman I had became and I wanted to show the world who I was 

Describe the feeling of winning the DWF/LOCO Diamond Doll Championship?
The feeling was crazy. I finally felt like I accomplished something but then I also felt that I had something to prove. I wanted people to know that I'm not a fluke and that I didn't win the championship because it was my home federation, I won because I busted my ass to get there 

What did you do to celebrate?
I honestly didn't celebrate. I started to work harder and make more connections.

Describe the feeling of walking into the locker room with the title after winning ?
Everyone was very happy for me. 

Now you are a mother, wife and a student is it added pressure since you are now a champion?
It puts the pressure of making more out of the opportunity and really making moves. I even starting training a different style of wrestling to compliment the current style I perform. 

Did you find yourself holding onto the belt for the entire night?
Nope. Once I won and did a little photo op, I put the belt down and starting to think about my next move. No offense I know that I am the champion, and so does everyone else. 

Where do you go from here?
Well I am very excited about the future! I just won my second championship in Memphis,TN this past weekend I will be back in Tennessee very soon. I am also making my NWA Ring Warriors debut in The Bahamas at the end of the month. Then I will be wrestling for them in Hollywood, FL against former FCW talent Su Yung (FCW diva Sonia). So I am looking forward to that. Also I have appeared again in the PWI top
Ten female workers again this week (week ending may 26). So now I am training for better myself and hopefully make FCW. So SD is busy and I will make it. 

Follow Her on Twitter @SIENNADUVALL215

This week,  DWF/LOCO  Diamond Dolls Champion  and L.O.U.I.S. Champion Sienna Duvall stops into the Wrestling Wrealm to speak with Mr Mian Event Brian Waters to discuss her professional wrestling career.

Follow Her on Twitter at @SIENNADUVALL215
Monday May 21, 2012
6:00 PM ET

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mr Main Event's Mock WWE Draft

As you know the WWE has not had a draft this year. This is usually a time where Vince decides to shake things up. So allow Mr Main Event to provide you with how he would shake things up

Dolph Ziggler
Chris Jericho
The Miz

Cody Rhodes
Randy Orton

Wade Barrett

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Mr Main Event NBA Semi Finals Predictions

Lakers vs Thunder

Lakers in 6
This will be a very competitive for Kobe Bryant and his Lakers. The Oklahoma City Thunder are a young team who have been one of the odds on favorite to win the NBA championship. A year ago they reached the conference finals only to lose to the eventual NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks. The Thunder would gain revenge this sweeping the mavericks out of the first round. Speaking of Vengence, they will also look to payback Metta World Peace who injured James Harden in the teams last meeting with the Lakers after World Peace blindly elbowed Harden to the temple. The Thunder who posses home court advantage won the season series 2-1. With Kobe Bryant more focused than ever for a sixth ring the Lakers will prove that the veterans are not too old to add a 17th banner in the Staples Center. 

Spurs vs Clippers

Since the duo of the Blake Griffin and Chris Paul the Los Angeles Clippers have been the most exciting team in the NBA to watch. on the other hand, there is the San Antonio Spurs who perhaps are the most boring team but they know how to win hence why they are the first seed. Every year fans say they are getting old but like wine they get better with age. During the regular season, the Spurs won the series 2-1. While an all Los Angeles conference finals would be interesting Chris Paul will need more of his team mates to step up of they are going win this series. Look for the Spurs to win this in six. 

Celtics vs 76ers   Celtics in 5

At the beginning of the season, the 76ers were among the best teams in the NBA. At the mid Way point of the season the team lost momentum and therefore barely making the playoffs. As the bulls were hammered with injuries the 76ers found new life and would go on to win the series. Now they are faced with a veteran team who is looking for one more championship. Not to mention they are lead by an awesome young point guard in Rajan Rondo. This series will be over in 5

Heat vs Pacers. Heat in 6
Last year the Heat nearly breezed through the playoffs only to come within two games of winning an NBA championship after going up 2-0 .  This year they seem to be on the same path. However the Pacers are a team who can perhaps slow them down. With a guy like Roy Hibbert who can give Chris Bosh some work and a lot of role players who can score this series will not be as easy as they think. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lord Tensai, a Modern Day Big Bossman??

Most of today's wrestling fans in the demographic of 18-30 fell in love with the sport at during the time of the attitude era. During the attitude era, wrestling was dominated by iconic figures such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. These were two guys who the crowd was in love with. During those time the authority figure was Vince McMahon. Today's fans who are falling in love with the business are fans of John Cena and CM Punk. Who is this authority figure that fans despise, John Laurinaitis.

Every authority figure seems to have someone that they call on as an enforcer. McMahon would call on Big Bossman for those superstars who he could not control. During the 98 Survivor Series, McMahon used the Big Bossman to attempt to take the Rock out of the tournament to crown a new WWE Champion. Even though we all know this was a plan for the Rock to turn on the fans, but the Bossman was the guy who McMahon called on to get the job done. He also had the Bossman attempt to take out Austin on numerous ocassions. Who could ever forget the story of the Undertaker stalking the McMahon household for weeks, only to climax against a hand picked opponent at WrestleMania 15. That opponent, the Big Bossman.

Today John Laurinaitis calls another guy similar to the Big Bossman. Today's enforcer is Lord Tensai. Everyone who watched wrestling during the attitude era remembers Tensai who wrestled as Prince Albert or A-Train. After leaving the WWE for Japan, he came back bigger than he has ever been before. Within a month, Tenasi has pinned both Cena and Punk, as a favor to Laurinaitis.

No one has to ask this question, is Lord Tensai a main eventer, or just a enforcer used to protect the boss. Only time will tell.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Better 5 Year Run, Hogan, Austin, Cena

Recently in the Wrestling Wrealm Group page ( ) on Facebook, there was the question from Steven Scoop Minor, who had a better 5 year run?

The question was five year run, Austin never had a consistent 5 year run his run was from 98-99 then 2001 and in those years he dominated. His longest title run was from March to June in 98.

Hogan on the other hand dominated from 84- 88 when lost the belt to Andre. He would regain in 89 and hold it to 90 lose to the warrior and regain it in 91 and lose to the undertaker. He would. It dominate on a consistent basis until the NWO in 96-98 when he pretty much held the title most during that time

As far as Cena goes he has dominated the WWE from 2005- present last time I checked that was 7 years. And unless you attend live events you would not understand why exactly he is not a heel. I said it before and I'll say it again WWE laughs at the Internet because they don't pay for the product any way it's the parents that buy pay per views and take not one but two or more of their children to these events. This is why Cena will be bigger than both at the end of the day.

Speaking from what I witnessed at live events not some nerd writing for a wrestling site. Cena draws more emotion than anyone when he was not at TLC the crowd missed him in Baltimore. When Punk closed out a house show, Cena still had more of a crowd response. Everyone puts their personal opinion in front of facts. The fact is people LOVE to boo Cena. You will see grown men with Hustle Loyalty Respect and Rise Above Hate shirts saying lets go Cena, Cena sucks

Hogan was genuinely booed out of the arena cause everyone had enough.

Austin while he never was booed out of arenas he got stale becoming heel and it was hard for him to make that return.

Everyone hates Cena and Therefore mistakes their opinion for everyone else's. If Cena was so bad he would not have Q scores higher than Peyton Manning, Bill Cosby, and Tim Tebow

Q-Score. A grade that indicates how much you are worth to a station by putting you on TV
OR a grade that indicates how bad different advertising companies want you.

Everyone who knows Mr Main Event, know he is the biggest Hogan fan, but even I will admit that Cena is rising to heights that no one has reached before. When the IWC finally decides to stop hating him, then maybe they will understand this.


Accolades from a brother

I want to take a moment to give some accolades to my bro, Brian Waters. I've never seen someone with so much passion for the business. This guy has written thesis papers, research papers, and done presentations on the business and product of professional wrestling. And has received gradings of high honors! (he's also a alum of my 2 homes, Baltimore City College & Morgan State University). I hope you make it far in the business dude. Be able to write your own ticket. When you make it, we all make it. (but you'll get paid for it).

Keep it up slick. — with Brian Waters.