Sunday, May 6, 2012

Better 5 Year Run, Hogan, Austin, Cena

Recently in the Wrestling Wrealm Group page ( ) on Facebook, there was the question from Steven Scoop Minor, who had a better 5 year run?

The question was five year run, Austin never had a consistent 5 year run his run was from 98-99 then 2001 and in those years he dominated. His longest title run was from March to June in 98.

Hogan on the other hand dominated from 84- 88 when lost the belt to Andre. He would regain in 89 and hold it to 90 lose to the warrior and regain it in 91 and lose to the undertaker. He would. It dominate on a consistent basis until the NWO in 96-98 when he pretty much held the title most during that time

As far as Cena goes he has dominated the WWE from 2005- present last time I checked that was 7 years. And unless you attend live events you would not understand why exactly he is not a heel. I said it before and I'll say it again WWE laughs at the Internet because they don't pay for the product any way it's the parents that buy pay per views and take not one but two or more of their children to these events. This is why Cena will be bigger than both at the end of the day.

Speaking from what I witnessed at live events not some nerd writing for a wrestling site. Cena draws more emotion than anyone when he was not at TLC the crowd missed him in Baltimore. When Punk closed out a house show, Cena still had more of a crowd response. Everyone puts their personal opinion in front of facts. The fact is people LOVE to boo Cena. You will see grown men with Hustle Loyalty Respect and Rise Above Hate shirts saying lets go Cena, Cena sucks

Hogan was genuinely booed out of the arena cause everyone had enough.

Austin while he never was booed out of arenas he got stale becoming heel and it was hard for him to make that return.

Everyone hates Cena and Therefore mistakes their opinion for everyone else's. If Cena was so bad he would not have Q scores higher than Peyton Manning, Bill Cosby, and Tim Tebow

Q-Score. A grade that indicates how much you are worth to a station by putting you on TV
OR a grade that indicates how bad different advertising companies want you.

Everyone who knows Mr Main Event, know he is the biggest Hogan fan, but even I will admit that Cena is rising to heights that no one has reached before. When the IWC finally decides to stop hating him, then maybe they will understand this.


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