Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dolph Ziggler, Rising or Falling?

For two consecutive Royal Rumble's Dolph Ziggler has been involved in a World Championship Match, only to be forgotten about in a tag team match at WrestleMania. With this years return of Chris Jericho, one was almost certain that Ziggler would not be in the main event come the granddaddy of them all. However afterwards, why is that he has not been able to return to the main event picture. My co-host The Real Dwayne Allen from the Wrestling Wrealm brought up a good point, Ziggler has not been able to connect with the fans.

Connecting with the fans, what does this means? Look at some stars past and present, Hogan had fans saying their prayers and eating their vitamins. Stone Cold Steve Austin did what every hard working man and woman wanted to do, cuss out their boss. The Rock was the guy every woman wanted, and man wanted to be. Today CM Punk has everyone wanting to drop pipe-bombs. John Cena has all the children telling their friends, you can't see me, and Daniel Bryan has all sports fans yelling YES. What has Ziggler done?

Without a doubt, this guy is gold in the ring. Many people compare him to the late great Mr Perfect Curt Henning. His in ring skills are great and he sells for his opponent better than some wrestling companies sell their product. Whenever you watch a match that involves Dolph Ziggler, you are guaranteed entertainment. But what does he do before his matches to hook you onto his story. When Ziggler became United States Champion last summer, he made that title seem so important. And it seemed as if he was ready to let Vicki Guerrero go. However as time went on, his character seemed to be at a solid standstill to the point if he lets go of her, he may be lost in the shuffle character wise. When Ziggler finally connects with the fans it will be only a matter of time before he is world champion.


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