Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Im Better Than This!!

Recently  on Monday Night Raw, Dolph Ziggler lashed out at Vickie Guerrero making it very clear that he was tried of being held back and that he was better than tag team competition. For wrestling fans, how can you not like Ziggler. He is one of the best inside he ring today. His show off gimmick makes every man wish they could have those skills, and his mic skills are well above the average. But where does Ziggler go from here?

Looking at Dolph Ziggler, many would say that it is time for him to go into the main event picture. When you think about it, why not? He has won both the Intercontinental and United States Championships and has placed his name is the wing of those legends who held those titles. Guys such as Mr Perfect and Rick Rude who held those belts with class.

Placing Ziggler in a main event, who does he square of against? Randy Orton is too hot right now, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are both must see TV when they square of against each other. John Cena and the Big Show finally have a reason to fight each other worth caring for. Maybe we will see Ziggler against the winner of Sheamus and Del Rio, assuming that spot is not for Randy Orton. Only time will tell, but I must say that is very exciting that Ziggler is leaving the side of Jack Swagger. And besides myself, the only person I know who is happier is Charlie Speed of Podcast of Pain, where you can download by clicking the link every Tuesday Morning, who absolutely despises Jack Swagger. (Want to know why, email him at


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