Sunday, May 20, 2012

Interview with Sienna DuVall

Recently Mr Main Event Brian Waters had the honor of catching up with the new DWF/LOCO Diamond Doll
Champion Sienna Duvall. She discusses exactly how it felt felt winning her first title.

When we last talked you were Simply Dyvne. Can you explain to the fans the name change?

The name change came because of the transition I made with my wrestling. Simply Dvyne was juvenile to the woman I had became and I wanted to show the world who I was 

Describe the feeling of winning the DWF/LOCO Diamond Doll Championship?
The feeling was crazy. I finally felt like I accomplished something but then I also felt that I had something to prove. I wanted people to know that I'm not a fluke and that I didn't win the championship because it was my home federation, I won because I busted my ass to get there 

What did you do to celebrate?
I honestly didn't celebrate. I started to work harder and make more connections.

Describe the feeling of walking into the locker room with the title after winning ?
Everyone was very happy for me. 

Now you are a mother, wife and a student is it added pressure since you are now a champion?
It puts the pressure of making more out of the opportunity and really making moves. I even starting training a different style of wrestling to compliment the current style I perform. 

Did you find yourself holding onto the belt for the entire night?
Nope. Once I won and did a little photo op, I put the belt down and starting to think about my next move. No offense I know that I am the champion, and so does everyone else. 

Where do you go from here?
Well I am very excited about the future! I just won my second championship in Memphis,TN this past weekend I will be back in Tennessee very soon. I am also making my NWA Ring Warriors debut in The Bahamas at the end of the month. Then I will be wrestling for them in Hollywood, FL against former FCW talent Su Yung (FCW diva Sonia). So I am looking forward to that. Also I have appeared again in the PWI top
Ten female workers again this week (week ending may 26). So now I am training for better myself and hopefully make FCW. So SD is busy and I will make it. 

Follow Her on Twitter @SIENNADUVALL215

This week,  DWF/LOCO  Diamond Dolls Champion  and L.O.U.I.S. Champion Sienna Duvall stops into the Wrestling Wrealm to speak with Mr Mian Event Brian Waters to discuss her professional wrestling career.

Follow Her on Twitter at @SIENNADUVALL215
Monday May 21, 2012
6:00 PM ET

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