Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mr Main Event's 5 most debated superstars on the top 50 WCW list

Dennis Rodman at #48
While suspended from the NBA After the 96-97 season run Rodman teamed with Hulk Hogan and the NWO. This was during a time where WCW was going head to hear with the WWE in the Monday Night Wars. WWE would later answer with Mike Tyson. Rodman was a key member of the NWO as he assisted Hollywood Hogan in regaining the WCW World heavyweight championship. He also teamed with Hogan to battle Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Malone at Bash at the Beach 98. While Rodman had an impact I do not believe that he was the 48th top WCW superstar. 

Stunning Steve Austin #15
While Steve austin was a great worker on WCW he never reached main event status. Personally I believe he reached this status due to the guy he later became. No one could deny what he did in the ring but for someone who was held back by the powers that be how could he been the 15th greatest superstar in WCW history with guys like Arn Anderson, The Giant, and Ricky the Dragon Steamboat behind him?

Scott Steiner #10
I understand that Scott Steiner was a main eventer in the later days of WCW but during that time the company was headed to the toilet and had no one else to turn to. Looking at Vader and Scott Hall who is behind him he clearly did not impact the company as much as these guys did. Vader was a top heel and world champion in the 90s while Hall was one of the founding fathers of the NWO, a great worker and one of the reasons wrestlers have guaranteed contracts today. In my opinion Steiner barely makes number the top 25. 

Booker T #8
For years Booker T and Stevie Ray were one of the top tag teams in WCW. Booker was clearly the work horse in the group. After Stevie Ray left to go to the NWO Booker maintained an excellent singles career and held down the Midcard. As WCW was on its downfall he rose to main event status including winning the last WCW championship under Ted Turner. Looking at his career he is a top 5 guy in my opinion. One I would switch him with is my final debate, Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash #5
In 1996, Kevin Nash and his best friend Scott Hall departed from the WWE to join Ted Turner's WCW. Their arrival would change the business forever. When they arrived they really blurred the lines as to what was real and what was entertainment. However, how often did Nash wrestle?  Now I know this business is about entertainment but in my opinion Nash is just a little high on the list. I would switch him with Booker T. You can not deny what he did for WCW but how far would he have gotten without Hogan?


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