Saturday, May 26, 2012

NBA Conference Finals Predictions

San Antonio Spurs vs Oklahoma City Thunder  Spurs in 7

This is a classic battle of the number one seed versus the number two. The Spurs who are viewed as the old team have been undefeated in the playoffs. Tim Duncan, the oldest member on the team (36) has found the fountain of youth. The Thunder are not as inexperienced as they have been the past two trips to the playoffs. This series promises to be a classic that will go seven games. In the end, the Spurs will prove just why they are the best in the west.

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat    Celtics in 7
Since the playoffs began, the Celtics have been playing on a high level. Sure they went seven games with the Sixers in the Semi-Finals, but they have proved that when they are battle tested, they rise to the occasion. Since the arrival of Chris Bosh and LeBron James to Miami, there has been more pressure on this team to win the NBA Championship. When Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose was sidelined for the playoffs, many felt that the Heat would have an easy road. They forgot about the veteran Boston Celtics. The Celtics may have one run left as the "Big Three" (Pierce, Allen, and Garnett), and what better what to close it then to advance to the NBA Finals

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