Sunday, May 20, 2012

WWE Over The Limit Results and Review

Battle Royal to winner faces US champion or IC champion

This match features a lot of young guys and veterans. I was hoping to see David Otunga win it and perhaps defeat Santino but that was not the case it was the returning Christian who would win this in a very entertaining way. I was surprised that Tyson Kidd lasted as long as he did. He really capitalized on a opportunity to perform on a big stage. 

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeat Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler to retain the tag team championship

Whenever you get Kingston and Ziggler in the same ring it's guaranteed entertainment and Great wrestling. Truth and Swagger even added their flavor in this match. This was a great way to get the pace going for this pay per view. In the end it was Kingston getting the upper hand on Ziggler. 

Layla defeats Beth Phoenix to retain the Divas championship

For months the divas division has been looked at as a joke.  When Layla came back it seemed as if the timing may have been off a little due to the fact that everyone has been waiting for Kharma. However, since she has been back we have seen entertainment in the ring from a diva besides Cameron Lynn and Naomi. With Everyone waiting for Kharma to return these two ladies put on a match that kept your eyes on the match and not to the curtain. In the end it was Layla hitting a neck breaker to retain her title. 

Sheamus defeats Alberto Del Rio Randy Orton and Chris Jericho to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. 

Sheamus heading into this match was at a championship disadvantage. After all, he did not have to get pinned in order to lose the title. When ever there is a fatal four way match it seems as if there is one who outshines everyone involved. Not tonight. Everyone came to win. But it was Sheamus who would have the last laugh as he pinned Chris Jericho to retain the title 

Brodus Clay defeats The Miz
For weeks we have seen Miz going on a losing streak and tonight his bad luck did not end. He indicated that he was a better dancer than Brodus Clay and that he would defeat him. For awhile it seemed that someone would finally take down the Funkasaourus but in the end Clay hit the body splash and the Miz losing ways continues 

Tyler Recks and Curt Hawkins have really made their presecene known. Being under John Laurinaitis will really help these guys make an impact in the WWE universe. Tonight they decided to take away all signs that spoke negative about the GM. 

Christian defeats Cody Rhodes to become Intercontinental Champion

For a fourth time, Christian makes his triumphant return and wins the intercontinental championship.  These two showed what happens when you put a great veteran and a rising star in the ring together. Cody Rhodes began the match drawing heat indicating that his father Dusty Rhodes would by allow him to come to North Carolina to watch his shows. Through out the match he said that he is tired of everyone over looking him. However he spoke too much as it was Christian who would hit him with a killswitch and obtain the Intercontinental Championship. 

CM Punk defeats Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Championship

This match was everything and more that everyone expected. These two put on a wrestling clinic. From every submission move imaginable to every way you think of to kick a person these two veterans left it all on the line. Just when you thought Punk would tap out to the Yes lock he was able to roll over while still being punished and get the one two three and then he would tap but he had already retained his title. Bryan will be back to seek vengeance no doubt about it. 

Ryback defeats Camacho
In another squash match Ryback's winning ways continue. 

John Laurinaitis defeats John Cena 
The stipulations in this match was that there would be no disqualification or count out. Also if anyone who was on the roster interfered they would be fired. Last but not least of Laurinaitis loses he would be fired. Throughout the match Cena beat the living hell out of Laurinaitis. But as he tried to escape the Big Show was waiting for at the exit and he would kindly help him back to the ring. Just as it looked that Cena would hit the attitude adjustment and score the pin fall, he was greeted by a WMS and therefore would lose the match. I guess it is safe to say Big Show crying was a set up all along. 

For a Pay-Per-View that did not have much build up, I say it was one of their better ones for the past six months.

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