Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mr Main Event's Top 5 Entrance Themes

Recently, listed Edge's theme Music, Metalingus by Alter Bridge, as the number one theme music of all time. later held an interactive tournament and fans ruled also Edge's theme as number one. The criteria for best theme included the longevity, would you listen to this if it was not a wrestling theme and how well does it fit the wrestler. At any given time, Mr Main Event can be found riding through the streets of Baltimore, Maryland listening to wrestling music. On my iPhone, Edge's music is on there also. However, I would not say that this is my favorite theme off all time. In the tournament for, Edge defeated CM Punk's theme Cult of Personality. Any wrestling fan can see that these two superstars are well defined by the lyrics of their respective themes. The Following are my personal favorite themes. These are songs I blast proudly in my care, no manner who is around.

5. CM Punk Cult of Personality.
When this music hits, you are automatically hooked well before lyrics.
4. Ultimate Warrior
Whether you are a wrestling fan or not, When you hear the Warrior's theme, immediately you want to run and find some ropes to bounce off the way he did.

3. Hulk Hogan Real American
As a child, when this music hit, Mr Main Event knew that his superhero was on his way to ring.

2. Shawn Michaels
For anyone who has a lot of confidence in his ability to land a woman of his choosing. This song also makes you want to dance anytime you hear and you cannot help but think of the biggest heart breaker of them all, Shawn Michaels.

1. NWO Hollywood theme
WCW may be dead, but the NWO theme is my favorite theme of all time. I could listen to this day in and out.  When this music hit, that mean there was a gang coming out and when they left, the place would be left in pandemonium.


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