Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mr Main Event's Top 10 Matches: Number 3

John Cena vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship Match: Money in the Bank 2011

On June 27, 2011, CM Punk with one controversial statement sold this pay-per-view. Punk went on a tirade about how he was tired of being held back in the WWE, and how he would walk into his hometown of Chicago at Money in the Bank and take the title from John Cena and leave the company. Punk's contract would expire at midnight following the pay-per-view and he had no intentions on resigning. Leading up to the match, chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon tried to reach some sort of agreement with Punk, but that would not be the case. McMahon then declared that if Cena did not defeat Punk, he would indeed be fired.

When CM Punk's music hit, the building exploded. For the first time in his career, Punk had an opportunity to win the WWE Championship, and he could do this in his home town. When Cena's music hit, those cheers immediately turned to boos.  The boos were so heavy, Cena did not bother running from the curtain doing his signature stage poses, in stead he walked down with his head held down. He knew the odds were against him.  Since John Cena was declared the face of the WWE, he often received a lot of criticism for his lack of in ring skills. When this match began Cena displayed great wrestling skills and proved that he was able to keep up with Punk. The two wrestled for the next 40 minutes and no one knew who would emerge as the victor. As Cena placed Punk in his submission finisher, the STF, Vince McMahon sent John Laurinaitis, the vice president of talent relations, to ring announcer to tell time keeper to ring the bell. When Cena notice Laurinaitis headed to the time keeper, he let go of the hold and clothes-lined him.  He told McMahon, that he is going do things the right way. When he got back in the ring, Cena was caught by Punk and hit with Punk's finisher the Go To Sleep (GTS) and covered for the three count. CM Punk, the new WWE Champion.

Leading up to match, we witnessed one of the great stories in wrestling. CM Punk , John Cena, and WWE Championship all trended on twitter and people all over the world who were fans at one point in time were getting curious. Why is the WWE Championship trending on twitter? Punk's "pipebomb" made a way for him to connect with more fans than ever before. Everyone has a job where they feel that they are mistreated. The moments leading up to this match allowed CM Punk to become a household name in the sports entertainment world.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mr Main Event's Top 10 Matches of all time: Number 4

Bret Hart vs The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith for the Intercontinental Championship: SummerSlam 1992

In my favorite SummerSlam match of all time, the world saw two brother-in-laws face off for the gold. Bret Hart, the current two time Intercontinental Champion defended his championship against Davey Boy Smith in Smith’s home country of England. Being accompanied down the aisle by Heavyweight boxer, Lennox Lewis, Smith was ready to rise to the occasion. This match was the first time the Intercontinental Championship would be the main event of SummerSlam, and these certainly stole the show.
With Smith’s wife, Hart’s sister, Diana watching at ring side, these two put on a wrestling clinic. While they were in England and the crowd was surely behind Davey Boy, Bret had his share of fans too. During these times, Bret was making a reputation as being one of the best workers in the company. He even received more fan mail than Hulk Hogan on an occasion.
Throughout the match, the camera was panning and showing a nervous Diana. Here is an insert when I interviewed Diana a year ago:
MEBW: How was it sitting at ringside watching Bret and Davey wrestle at Summer Slam ‘92, knowing that the cameras were on you?
DH: I was a nervous wreck
MEBW:Did you know the outcome, and if so how hard was it to keep it in?
DH: No I did not know the outcome
MEBW: When it came to cheering , was it difficult to be unbiased?
DH: No, I cheered for both Bret and Davey, but I did hope Davey would win, and he did!

As the match continued the fans really got behind Davey Boy Smith. As Hart went for the completion of the sunset flip, Smith would drop to his knees and secure Bret’s legs for the pin. The place exploded at the conclusion of this classic as the hometown hero became the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Without The Entertaining Stories, Would You Be a WWE Fan?

When you think about the idea of two men in a ring horse playing around in simulated underwear, the thought immediately turns you off. Often these men are found pinned down to the ground in compromising positions unable to defend themselves, and then have no choice to tap out in order to escape another mans sweaty skins from rubbing up against them. Does this sound intriguing?
Professional Wrestling during the early 1900s was considered a sport and it was a straight shoot. Matches would last well over 3 hours sometimes because the competition between two men was fierce. Neither man wanted to lose. They would do whatever it took to hurt one another. There were times where the heavyweight champion could not defend his title the next weekend due to the fact that he was hurt bad despite his win.
The powers at be realized soon realized that injuries were happening way to often. Guys who were promoted were missing too many shows, or were giving lackluster performances therefore something had to be done.  Promoters realized that it would benefit them to determine the results prior to the performers going to the ring and not only would fans get the matches that they desired, but they would not lose money, nor have matches going for over five hours.
Since then wrestling has evolved into what many say is a male soap opera. Whether it is on the independent circuit, or in mainstream, in order for fans to care about a main event, they have been conditioned to get attached to a story between the two competitors in order to understand just why they are fighting.
Lets take the story lines out of the equation. Would you find it difficult to go back and watch wrestling from a few decades ago? Try watching without any commentary? Do you find it interest? If the answer is yes, consider yourself a fan no matter what, if not you have to ask yourself, would you be a fan without stories?
Think back to the first time you became a fan. For Mr Main Event, I was a toddler and Hulkamania was at his peak. For someone who did not watch too many cartoons, I was hooked. I was singing the theme song, saying my prayers and eating my vitamins.  As Hogan was faded out, I took to Bret Hart. Many say he did not have a personality, but he did. Bret was the guy who would take out anyone, no matter how big or small they were. He was simply the excellence of execution. At this point, I was hooked for the rest of my life.
At age 19, I went to my first independent show; Maryland Championship Wrestling. As I was outside awaiting the doors to open, I one of the wrestlers coming up to the door to enter the building and there were a few kids running up to him for an autograph. Later that night I saw this guy put on a performance of a lifetime. I became a fan immediately as he won the promotions coveted Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup. That guy was Ruckus.
As I began going to independent shows, I was hooked because there was a lot of action from guys trying to work there way up the ladder in order to one day work in the WWE. The more shows I went to, I eventually got hooked into the stories, but it was the action that locked me into coming.
Growing up watching wrestling on TV every week, I have been hooked to the stories. That will never change. Whether it was Bret Hart proving that he’s the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be; or perhaps it was Stone Cold Steve Austin doing what everyone wanted to do, beat up their boss, or even CM Punk dropping a pipebomb, holding the WWE Championship hostage and threatening to leave, there has always been a story around to keep me hooked. But in order to solve the problems these wrestlers, they got in the ring and wrestled.
Today, there are so many promotions that I find myself watching. Sometimes, I scroll through channels and find independent wrestling on and immediately I stop channel surfing. If there is nothing for me to do and there is a indy wrestling show in the area, I will stop by, why, because it is wrestling.
Today fans have a choice. If we want to watch great stories, there is the WWE. WWE has great wrestlers, but the main focus is the story telling. TNA tells stories, even though they can be all over the place, but there wrestling is clearly better. Ring of Honor is where fans get the most wrestling. It is the primary focus of the company.
Lets look at the big picture. WWE has filled stadiums with well over 80,000 people on a yearly basis. TNA will fill the impact zone with more than 10,000 if they are lucky. When Ring of Honor reaches 1,000, that is considered a success. My question is, if there was no stories in wrestling, would you still be a fan?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mr Main Events Top Ten Matches of All time: Number 5

Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect for the Intercontinental Championship : Summerslam 1991

In an all out classic this match featured two of my top 5 favorites of all time. Whether  heel or babyface, these guys had many ways to captivate the audience with their in-ring work. This match was an instant classic. It proved that Bret the Hitman Hart, a tag team specialist at the time, could be a solid singles competitor if given the chance.

Anyone looking to get into the professional wrestling business should study this match. Mr Perfect, who wrestled this match with a bad back, went out there and proved why he was absolutely prefect. Hart, the excellence of execution, proved just why he is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

When Mr Perfect delivered the Perfect Plex it seemed that the Hitman would fall short and just maybe he was not ready for prime time. However, as the referee was about to hit the mat for the third time, he kicked out and Madison Square Garden went crazy. When Bret locked in the Sharpshooter, Perfect, with a bad back screaming in agony, had no choice but to tap and Bret the Hitman Hart was the new WWE Intercontinental Champion. Historically the Intercontinental Championship was known to be the workhorse championship. Guys such as Macho Man Randy Savage, Ravishing Rick Rude, and Ricky the Dragon Steamboat held this title and often had the best wrestling matches on the card, while the WWE Champion entertained the crowd. This match truly placed Bret Hart in the elite class of hard workers of the WWE.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Matt Hardy V1 Comes to Maryland Championship Wrestling, Stronger than Death

Maryland Championship Wrestling hosted annual Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup this past weekend which featured former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy. Stronger than Death, as his t-shirt ready, was just how Hardy looked in the ring. Hardy teamed with Tyler Hilton and they were accompanied by the lovely Reby Sky as they defeated.    Adam Flash and Ronnie Zukko Who was accompanied by the MCW commissioner, the amazing Jessie Kaye.

"Thank you for using social media to help promote this event," said MCW owner Dan McDevitt to the winners of the social networking contest. The winners were treated with a free meet and greet with Hardy before show time. "Matt Hardy is one of the pioneers for social networking" stated Docta D from Wrestling Marks of Excellence Radio. When asked about using networking, Hardy stated, "I tried to convince the WWE about using social media because I did see the twitters and the YouTube, and that would be the way of the future." He continued by saying how proud of Zack Ryder he was after seeing Ryder coming up to him asking for ideas for his YouTube channel. 

Matt Hardy wrestled for MCW in 1999. He was a match of the year participant. "It was an absolute honor to be able to come back, Dan gave me and my brother and opportunity that open a lot of doors for us and put a lot of eyeballs on us." He continued to let us know how much he loved Baltimore, even reminding us that it was here where he won the WWE United States Championship from MVP at Backlash 2008. 

There is a lot of negative things on the Internet about Matt Hardy. But many of the positive things are overlooked. During the times Hardy was at the tables, he not only took pictures with the fans, but he took the time to speak to everyone and simply ask how is your day. Not only did he take pictures with the fans, but Hardy also enjoyed making videos of his own with the fans and their merchandise for his personal YouTube Channel. Matt Hardy says he is Stronger than Death, and without a doubt, he proved it. 


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mr Main Events Top 10: Number 6

Macho Man Randy Savage vs The Ultimate Warrior retirement match.  WrestleMania VII

In my opinion, this was the best match of the Ultimate Warrior's career. Savage for years has had the best match on the WrestleMania card and WrestleMania VII would be no different. In a time in which the country was dealing with a war, the focal point of this WrestleMania was on the main event between Hogan and Slaughter. But for this match, the experts could not decide who would win this match. 

For the first time in his WWE career, The Ultimate Warrior would walk to the ring. Would this be his last battle? The back of his jacket had a picture of the WWE Championship and it read "It's Bigger Than This." Did he feel that maybe he could not beat Savage. Throughout the match Savage displayed a great deal of athleticism. The highlight of the match was when he delivered not one but four flying elbows and he still could not beat him. After the Warrior defeated Savage, the story could have ended right here and everyone would have been satisfied. But after Queen Sensational Sheri attack Savage his former manager Elizabeth came to his rescue and the two were reunited and instantly Savage was a face again. Talk about a story well written.  Dare say this was the match of the night. 

Mr Main Event Top 10 Matches: Number 7

Sting vs Hulk Hogan: Starrcade 1997

Everyone who knows Mr Main Event knows I is a true hulkamanaic. When Hogan joined the colors I also traded my red and yellow in for  black and white. While I was a huge WWE fan growing up I was also a WCW fan and my favorite was Sting. When Hogan arrived I was happy to see these guys working not only in the same company but on the same team at times. 

As time went on and the boos start to pour towards Hogan he went to the enemy the cancer of WCW, the Outsiders (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) and they formed the NWO. Once Hogan won the title things started to seem stale. No one in WCW was a match for him. They needed an answer. Who better to call than the man they call Sting? 

I loved this match. Watching two of my favorites go back and forth was awesome and I will admit I was rooting for Sting. Why, I like title changes...when they make sense. Just when it seemed Hogan would leave Starrcade still World Champion, but after what was originally planned to be a fast count but was botched, another one of my favorites, Bret Hart came out to save the day. After he called for a restart Sting would get the best of hogan and set him up for the Scorpion Deathlock. Hogan tapped and WCW was saved heading into 1998. Ironically that would be the last great year they had. Seeing all the stars come out to celebrate really showed the emotion and passion of these superstars who saw their company saved by a man who had been the face of it so long only to have it snatched away from him when Hulk Hogan arrived. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

AJ Holds All the Cards

The saying goes, hell has no fury like a woman's scorn. As we head into this years WWE Championship at Money in the Bank, all eyes will be on special guest referee AJ. She was put in this position after fans voted for her. This went against the request of her ex-boyfriend Daniel Bryan. Bryan asked Special guest general manager Vickie Guerrero to ban her from ring side, claiming that she was a distraction. He continued by reminding her that it was AJ who caused him to lose his World Heavyweight Championship in 18 seconds. 

CM Punk on the other hand made it clear to AJ on Monday Night Raw that she is not a priority of his. When she asked him if he saw her match, Punk told her he was on the phone with his sister and did not have time. She was devastated 
In a tag match that featured Punk and Bryan AJ went to the ring, pulled out a table and attempted to through herself through it from the top rope. Bryan stood in front the table and told her it was not worth it, while Punk went to the top rope and attempted to help her down. AJ lured Punk in locked lips with him and then pushed him into Bryan and both men went crashing through the table. She Stood their laughing as if she had just pulled one over on both men

On The Great American Bash edition of Smackdown, AJ met in the ring with Michael Cole, who was attempting to get into her head. After Cole insulted both Bryan and Punk, he decided that he would make a pass at AJ. Both men would enter the ring and order Cole out. Bryan told AJ he cared about her, while Punk insisted that she needs help. After listening to both men, AJ would lock lips with Bryan which appeared to be a very passionate kiss. As Punk was leaving the ring, AJ followed him and proceeded to do the same thing. After she was done, she proceeded to skip her way back to the locker room leaving both men puzzled. 
Will AJ call the WWE Championship Match down the middle, or perhaps will she decide side with the man who she thinks deserves her heart