Wednesday, July 4, 2012

AJ Holds All the Cards

The saying goes, hell has no fury like a woman's scorn. As we head into this years WWE Championship at Money in the Bank, all eyes will be on special guest referee AJ. She was put in this position after fans voted for her. This went against the request of her ex-boyfriend Daniel Bryan. Bryan asked Special guest general manager Vickie Guerrero to ban her from ring side, claiming that she was a distraction. He continued by reminding her that it was AJ who caused him to lose his World Heavyweight Championship in 18 seconds. 

CM Punk on the other hand made it clear to AJ on Monday Night Raw that she is not a priority of his. When she asked him if he saw her match, Punk told her he was on the phone with his sister and did not have time. She was devastated 
In a tag match that featured Punk and Bryan AJ went to the ring, pulled out a table and attempted to through herself through it from the top rope. Bryan stood in front the table and told her it was not worth it, while Punk went to the top rope and attempted to help her down. AJ lured Punk in locked lips with him and then pushed him into Bryan and both men went crashing through the table. She Stood their laughing as if she had just pulled one over on both men

On The Great American Bash edition of Smackdown, AJ met in the ring with Michael Cole, who was attempting to get into her head. After Cole insulted both Bryan and Punk, he decided that he would make a pass at AJ. Both men would enter the ring and order Cole out. Bryan told AJ he cared about her, while Punk insisted that she needs help. After listening to both men, AJ would lock lips with Bryan which appeared to be a very passionate kiss. As Punk was leaving the ring, AJ followed him and proceeded to do the same thing. After she was done, she proceeded to skip her way back to the locker room leaving both men puzzled. 
Will AJ call the WWE Championship Match down the middle, or perhaps will she decide side with the man who she thinks deserves her heart


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