Monday, September 10, 2012

Interview with New NWA Ring Warriors Bombshells Champion Sienna DuVall

ME: First of all congrats on becoming NWA Ring Warriors Battling Bombshells Women's champion, the name NWA carries weight, how did it feel to defeat La Rosa Negra and hear your name announced?

SD: Thank you Brian! It felt great. I feel that my dreams came true and that all my hard work has paid off. 

ME: Word around Facebook is, this was the match of the night, what can you say was unique about this match compared to some of your previous matches? 

SD: It was different because we hit hard the whole match, it was nothing lady like about it. I didn't let up and neither did she. We outworked the boys that night!
ME: Since we last spoke, you have been on a roll, correct me if Im wrong, but I believe this is your third championship, along with being ranked number 10 out of all women's wrestlers in the September issue of PWI Magazine. How do you manage to maintain this momentum?

SD: Hard work, promotion, and staying humble. I work hard and I'm just sitting back and waiting my turn.I've said it before, I am a persistent person, I won't stop, I'll never be comfortable with anything. Alot of women win matches and they become complacent and they almost feel like they can't lose their spot. Well for those ladies who feel like your sh!t don't stink, I'm coming for your spot, taking it and wiping it up like my name is Scott Toilet Tissue

ME: You met Vader at the NWA Ring Warriors event, can you describe that experience and what kind of advice did he give you?

SD: He was awesome and he gave some tips on some of the secret wrestling tricks I could use during my matches and he was very interested in me. It was a great feeling to have this legend take interest in me and wanted to help me become better. 

ME: In a few weeks, you will be making your debut at SHINE 3, what can the fans expect from the Diva Beater Sienna Duvall?

SD: They can except me to come hard and methodically fast. I'm not letting up. I don't care anymore, I want something, I'm getting it and I'm taking out whoever is in front of me. I don't need to win everything, all I need to do is show my talent. I'm ready, hungry and I'm from Philly...people should already know what time it is.

Follow her on Twitter: @SIENNADUVALL215

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