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Where Does WrestleMania 31 Rank

For wrestling fans, the official start of spring is WrestleMania. Its our Super Bowl. It has evolved from a one night event to an all-week extravaganza. Wrestlemania 31 (Im going call it 31 to distinguish from the rest.) was no different. Perhaps the biggest non-football event held at Levi Stadium, WWE was on a mission to set the standard for this brand new stadium. 
I will be honest, I was not excited about this WrestleMania initially. As a Daniel Bryan fan, I wanted him to get his rematch, and after Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble, I went to sleep disappointed for the second year in a row. Bryan never had his full title run. Once Reigns defeated Bryan at Fastlane, I was nonchalant about the Showcase of the Immortal. 
Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 3.12.23 PM
For me, WrestleMania has been a staple in my family. Its just as important as Christmas and Easter, so to get ready for it, I took the last week of February and entire month of March to immerse myself in WrestleMania. I watched EVERY SINGLE Mania in its entirety. All of the openings, all of the backstage interviews and of course all of the matches. (My wife is happy that this is over trust me.) After all, if this WrestleMania was going flop, I wanted good memories from this season.
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This show started off very strong. Watching Bryan, my favorite superstar, win his first Intercontinental title was epic. He is the most over (Popular) guy on the roster and having him carry the workhorse title brings prestige to it. No offense to guys like Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler, but Daniel Bryan is a proven main-eventer. Lets not forget how Chris Jericho, also a proven main-eventer would win back the IC title. The icing on the cake was when the legends who held the title validated Daniel Bryan. 
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At WrestleMania 31, I saw one of my childhood heroes Sting fall to one of my childhood villains Triple H. For years, all I wanted to see was Sting in a WWE ring. This was an amazing sight to see in itself, but when D-Generation X came out, you knew that Hunter was being Hunter, always having his posse around. Not long after that here comes the New World Order. How many times have we dreamt about DX vs. NWO? Someone even made a mix of their theme songs. Even though Sting lost, this was a WrestleMania moment.
The main event this year was amazing. For a match that had to follow, an IC title ladder match, the clash of Sting and Triple H, John Cena winning the U.S. Title for America, and the Undertaker's return, these guys had their work cut out for them. For the first time in WrestleMania history, the babyface (good-guy) was booed heavily going into the main event. As my co-host for the Wrestling Wrealm  The Real Dwayne Allen said, Roman Reigns was force fed and there was never a sympathy factor. Think about Daniel Bryan a year ago, a hard worker never given his fair shot, Shawn Michaels, the man with the boyhood dream, CM Punk, the man who aired out everything because he never got his fair shot. What was Roman Reigns story? Fans never saw him pay their dues.
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At WrestleMania 31 Roman Reigns took a beating. And when Lesnar looked like he gave him everything, Reigns asked him, is that all you got? Lesnar continued to punish him. But when Reigns finally was able to draw blood, there seemed to be a shift in the WWE Universe. Fans finally started to respect this man. And just when both guys had given nearly everything they had, out comes Seth Rollins to strategically cash in his Money in the Bank contact. Usually guys wait until after the match when the champion is out of it, but Rollins made this one into a triple threat match. And before you knew it, Seth Rollins, the very first NXT Champion, was now your WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
For years I have been craving for a guy to win his first WWE Championship at WrestleMania. The last time we saw this was WrestleMania 21 with John Cena and Batista. Now everyone who has won is either winning for the first time in a long time, or regaining after months of chasing. After watching every WrestleMania in its entirety, I have to say WrestleMania 31 is the greatest of all time. 

Mr Main Event's WrestleMania rankings.
My ranking is not based on my favorites. Here are the factors
Impact, crossover appeal, how often would I watch this, match quality, show presentation. 
1. WrestleMania 31
2. WrestleMania 30
3. WrestleMania 17
4. WrestleMania 19.
5. WrestleMania 28.
6. WrestleMania 3.
7. WrestleMania 18.
8. WrestleMania 25.
9. WrestleMania 14.
10. WrestleMania 15.
11. WrestleMania 23.
12. WrestleMania 4
13. WrestleMania 12
14. WrestleMania 20
15. WrestleMania 6
16. WrestleMania 10.
17. WrestleMania 29.
18. WrestleMania 24.
19. WrestleMania 16.
20. WrestleMania 7
21. WrestleMania 26
22. WrestleMania 5
23. WrestleMania 22.
24. WrestleMania 8
25. WrestleMania 9
26. WrestleMania 1
27. WrestleMania 13.
28. WrestleMania 27
29. WrestleMania 11
30. WrestleMania 2

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Wrestling Wrealm WrestleMania Madness Results from Mr Main Event

After watching every WrestleMania in its entirety, these are how they rank as my favorite based on this bracket. 

WWE WrestleMania 31 Predictions

This years WrestleMania promise to set an attendance record at the home of the San Francisco 49ers, the brand new Levi Stadium. So here are my predictions.

WWE Tag Team Title Match

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 


WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

 WWE United States Championship
Rusev (c) vs. John Cena

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match


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Gimmick Failed, Valet Success

In the world of professional wrestling, having a beautiful woman accompany talent to the ring can take someone to the next level. Sometimes that woman coming to the ring is the only reason anyone would be interested in the match in the first place. In some cases she can be as great of a manager as some of the guys such as Bobby Heenan and Jim Cornette. However, there are cases where the valets go over and become fan favorites and the talent is lost in the shuffle and often out of the company. 
In the 80s, Miss Elizabeth was the eye candy for every man. While men already envied Macho Man Randy Savage's athleticism, Miss Elizabeth gave them something else to want to take from Savage. Though he was a veteran in the ring, adding Elizabeth took him over the top. With Macho Man coming often having a napoleon complex being a small guy in the land of giants, having Elizabeth made this work. When he would get in trouble, the first thing he would do was use her as a shield to protect him. When Savage made a face turn, having Elizabeth still worked because you wanted to root for success and happiness with the two. But Savage would constantly evolve throughout his career and make sure that Elizabeth never outshine him. Savage made sure that he stood out and that his promos were cutting edge. You may have wanted to look at Elizabeth while she was ringside, but when Savage was inside, you could not take your eyes off the action. 

As we go into the 1990s, a young star who would go to become the greatest superstar in the history of the WWE, Shawn Michaels broke into his singles career after turning on his best friend Marty Jannetty. But as Michaels, who had a playboy type gimmick, the way to make this translate with the fans was to pair him with a woman. Michaels was paired with Sensational Sheri. He went from a young high flying tag team wrestler, to a heartbreak kid. With Sherri singing his theme music, carrying a mirror for him and reminding him how sexy he was, there was no doubt that when they went their separate ways, Michaels would remain on top, because he was just as entertaining outside the ring as he was inside.
While Savage and Michaels went on to become icons in the business, everyone would not have the same success. In 1996, WWE signed Marc Mero to huge contract. Though they were losing Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, Johnny B. Badd who was a solid WCW mid carder was expected to come into the WWE and take his career to the next level. At WrestleMania XII, Mero did a backstage interviewing letting the audience know he was ready to light the WWE on fire. During that Interview, Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Triple H), who had just lost to the Ultimate Warrior was scolding his valet for that day. That valet was Sable. Mer took exception and he and Helmsley quickly got into in it and Sable would later join him.
As WWE was transitioning into the attitude era and the women were becoming "divas,"  Mero quickly became lost in the shuffle. He struggled to hold on, but the people wanted to see Sable. And although turning him on her and having the two go at each other's throats would be the eventual direction, people wanted to see Sable. Arguably she was the hottest woman in pop culture. Mer was no like Savage and Michaels, no one cared what he did in the ring. Sable went on to become the first WWE diva to grace the cover of Playboy, where she set records and on many nights she was the most over person on the roster.

In 2011 Brodus Clay made his WWE debut as Alberto Del Rio's NXT protege. Del Rio would have Clay serve as his mentor but after Extreme Rules he disappeared for a few months. Not being seen on Raw or Smackdown, in December many vignettes started promoting his return. In January 2012, Brodus Clay debuted, but he was no longer a monster, instead he was a  Funkasaurus. He would be accompanied by The Funkadactyls (Naomi and Cameron). The Funkadactyls came out every week and even though Brodus was dancing and engaging with the audience, Naomi and Cameron were eye candy. As they began to involve and wrestle, fans clearly became more interested in them, instead of a dancing dinosaur. 
In 2013, E! debuted Total Divas, a reality show based on the WWE divas. On this show, fans were able to really see the personalities of Naomi and Cameron. For Brodus Clay, he was losing momentum. He would be paired with Tensai and he two of them would be called Tons of Funk, but seeing two 300 pounders dance became less entertaining than seeing one. With Total Divas becoming the number one show on E!, there was no doubt that Brodus Clay would not be missed. 
As we look ahead, the next person in danger of losing to their valet or his case valets is Adam Rose. Rose having a party man gimmick has made him entertaining. He originally came to the ring always looking to have a good time and entertain the fans. As a face he was always say, "Don't be a lemon, be a rosebud!" But Rose went on a losing streak which would cause a change of attitude. Rose even became abusive to the male rosebuds. A little under a year ago, seeing Adam Rose was exciting, now its more about seeing which rosebud will be a local worker from the town they are performing in. 
Recently on, there was a picture gallery inviting fans to meet the rosebuds. To me, this sounds like they are eventually looking to find talent from the rosebuds. If Rose does not evolve and find a way to connect with the crowd, he could be the next victim of Gimmick Failed, Valet Success. After all, WWE Hall of Fame diva Lita did appear as one of the Godfather's hoes.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sting Came to the WWE at the Right Time

The Icon Sting, without a doubt World Championship Wrestling's biggest star. When Vince McMahon purchased WCW from Ted Turner, there was so much money owed to the top stars that it benefited them to sit home and collect their millions. WWE had an invasion angle, but the top stars from WCW were Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page. Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Goldberg and the man they call Sting were not apart of the angle that wrestling fans waited decades for. These stars along with other former WCW top guys would eventually come to WWE, but Sting never came...until 2014. As I look back and think about the 14 years, I began to think, maybe it was best that Sting waited.

When Sting signed a legends deal with WWE over the summer, every wrestling fan in the world was excited. Now the question was when will he step in the ring. Sure he had his own DVD release, an appearance on the WWE 2K14 roster reveal panel along with making an appearance of the Ultimate Warrior's DVD, but we wanted to see him make a live appearance inside a WWE ring. 
Survivor Series 2014 would change everything. In the main event, The Authority seemed to be losing control and Triple H decided to take manners in his own hand by assuring that Seth Rollins would defeat Dolph Ziggler, the lights went off and when they came back on, it was Sting coming down the aisle. Sting went on to beat down Triple H and assist Ziggler in getting the win. This was the beginning that lead to the upcoming match at WrestleMania 31 between Sting and Triple H. 
During those 14 years when the WWE fans were waiting for Sting, he was in TNA and some people consider that a waste to his career, maybe even damaging to his legacy. But what would WWE have done with Sting if he came in the mid 2000s? Sting says that he and Vince McMahon have always had a great relationship, but every time he thought of coming to WWE, he would be receive offers he could not refuse.

With Triple H having a bigger role in the company, personally I am happy that Sting came now rather than before. One cannot help but think that if Sting came to the WWE in 2001, that maybe he would been stuck in the mid card. Now you think of Sting and mid card, and you just cannot picture it. Im not saying that would have happen but who knows.
With Sting coming now, its special. Is it our last piece of the Monday Night Wars, of course. After all, we had the WCW B-team,  the cruiser-weights, and of course the NWO, but now we have the best of them all, the man they call Sting. 
Now Sting is older and he may only have one match, that being with Triple H, but somethings are best to leave to the imagination rather than have them and they just be bad. Did we really need Scott Steiner, or worse, did we need Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar. With icons such as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker not present on a full time basis or able to put on matches they would have been 5 years ago we may have actually been left complaining and still wishing for more. 
As WrestleMania 31 approaches, the story behind this match is believable and something that should close the show. After sitting back for 14 years, Sting bought his time to finally come to the WWE to avenge what was lost. 
I know I will be in the minority with this one, but I much rather think about Sting having one five star program match with Triple H, then having a bunch of feuds we may never remember. Who remember Ric Flair vs MVP?


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The Flex Zone Announces Live WWE WrestleMania XXXI Special Show On March 24


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The Flex Zone on-air personalities insightfully discuss the honorific lineage of unforgettable WWE WrestleMania moments and legendary participation of high-profile professional athletes and A-list entertainers who ultimately helped define WWE WrestleMania as a global leading pop culture, household attraction.

The Flex Zone WWE WrestleMania XXXI Special guarantees to firmly lay the smackdown with an electrifying presentation as the mighty road to the showcase of the immortals draws seemingly closer. The Flex Zone WWE WrestleMania XXXI Special celebrates the shows biggest episode in history in honor of the grandest stage of them all - WWE WrestleMania.
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Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta

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The Wrestling Summit

Wrestling Summit
This new weekly wrestling  show brings together some of the best that pro wrestling talk has to offer! All from different backgrounds! All in different age groups! Talking Pro Wrestling from it’s Golden Age to its current product bringing to you the real wrestling news from guys inside the business not just the fluff from inside the dirty sheets! This is The Wrestling Summit!
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What if Mark Henry was Pushed Like This 10 Years Ago

There is no question that Mark Henry will be a WWE Hall of Famer, but when you look back at his 19 year career, it makes you wonder how many titles could have he had. Mark Henry has been a ECW Champion, European Champion and World Heavyweight Champion, all one time. But how good is Mark Henry today compared to what he was 10 years ago.
On the March 12th edition of WWE Smackdown, Mark Henry approached the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns, and called him out. Henry told Reigns that he had no identity, and that while he respected him, he needed to stop allowing Paul Heyman to get in his head. Henry continued by saying that there was no way Reigns could defeat Brock Lesnar for the title, reminding him that he was victim of Lesnar himself. Reigns took exception to this and attacked Mark Henry and used Henry's words to fuel his fire heading into WrestleMania. While Henry was getting treatment backstage, he admitted that Reigns earned his respect and he could indeed defeat Brock Lesnar.
As I watched this, I remembered how good Mark Henry was. With WrestleMania a couple of weeks ahead, there has never been a number one contender that I have seen so much backlash against and fans feeling that he is not ready for the spot the way they are with Roman Reigns. Henry went out there to make Reigns look like a star and he did a great job doing it. 
During the Summer of 2013, Mark Henry teased the world with his retirement. As John Cena was showing his respect, Henry embraced, and even said to his daughter, "baby girl I'm coming home." Henry, the one who was very emotional that night fooled everyone and delivered a World's Strongest Slam to Cena. He immediately put himself in the title picture. Henry simply had the crowd in his hand and in one split second had everyone with a look of confusion. He used his retirement to weasel his way to a title shot. What a genius.
When you think about Mark Henry during the late 90s, first you think about his time with the Nation of Domination. The group that allowed The Rock to emerge as a Megastar. But then he became Sexual Chocolate. Clearly Sexual Chocolate was not a main eventer. He was a mid carder but his backstage segments were more interesting than his matches.
Between 2005 and 2006, there were rumors that Henry was due to become World Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately for him, he was sidelined to a injury. He had just began to gain some momentum after getting lost in the shuffle during the expansion. 
in 2008, Mark Henry became the ECW Champion and became a force to be reckoned with. While that was the 3rd brand, he made ECW must see TV. Fans were finally getting the Mark Henry that they were looking for. An aggressive man on a mean streak every week. He was not taking any prisoners. 
Henry would fall out of the title picture when the ECW Brand was eliminated. However, during the Summer of 2012, he began his quest of inducting members into the Hall of Pain. Mark Henry was better than ever. This quest led him to the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton. At Night of Champions, Mark Henry won his first World Heavyweight Championship. After winning, he dared the fans to cheer him, reminding them, that all they did was boo him through the years, don't jump on the bandwagon now. During his title run, Henry made Smackdown must see tv.
Looking at his career, if Mark Henry had began inducted guys in the Hall of Pain during the early 2000s, maybe he would have been a WWE Champion. There is no way you can say he had a bad career, but you have to wonder, what if he would have had this push 10 years ago...


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bye DeMarco, Go Fly with the Eagles

In 2011, the Dallas Cowboys drafted running back DeMarco Murray in the third round. At the beginning of the season, Felix Jones was the starter, with Tyshard Choice as second string. When Jones went down due to injury, Murray passed Choice and became the starter. Murray finished the season with 897 yards and two rushing touchdowns. He went on to finish his career in Dallas with 4,526 rushing yards and 28 touchdowns. DeMarco Murray signed with the divisional rival Philadelphia Eagles.

The 2014 season was clearly Murray's best season. He set a new Cowboys record for rushing yards with 1,845. However, Cowboys fans will not forget the many fumbles he had. In week 8 against the Washington Redskins, Murray's fifth fumble of the season could not have came at a worse time. The Cowboys were down 3 in the first half and Murray fumbled after a 36 yard gain. That was not the reason the Cowboys lost, in fact Murray did rush over 100 yards, but you cannot give the ball to the other team especially when you are on the opponents side of the field with an opportunity to score.

DeMarco Murray's worse fumble of the season came during the playoffs against the Green Bay Packers. Early in the 3rd Quarter, Cowboys were leading 14-10 and looking to strike again, when Murray who had a clear path to the end zone did not secure the ball, allowing Julius Peppers to rip it away from him. The Cowboys went on to lose that game as well after a controversial call late in the fourth quarter. One has to wonder though, if Murray would have scored and given the Cowboys a 21-10 lead, how that momentum would have helped the defense.

The 2014 season was fun to watch. As a Cowboys fan, you always root for players wearing the star to do well, but you have to be honest with yourself, without this offensive line, how many yards would Murray have ran for. In 2013 he did run for 1121 yards with 9 touchdowns, but to jump up to 1,845 yards proves that he had a better offensive line. It would have been nice to have Murray back in 2015 with that same line, but he did rush the ball 392 times. The body can only take so much punishment. We will see how long he lasts in the Chip Kelly fast paced offense.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Nikki vs Brie Bella at WrestleMania 31 Would Have Been Best for Business


With WrestleMania 31 just a few weeks ago, the divas match has been set, but as of March 11, there is not title match. Instead there will be a tag team match pitting the Bella Twins against Paige and A.J.
Since the Bellas returned to the WWE, primarily to be apart of E! Network’s Total Divas, they have taken the divas division by storm. They are must see television. I will admit, I was not a huge fan when they debuted, I did not dislike them, but they were just another set of female wrestlers. But now I look forward to watching them on WWE television. There is no question that since Nikki is dating John Cena, and Brie is married to Daniel Bryan, these two have been the focal point of Total Divas. However they have used this to become even bigger parts of WWE television.
During the Spring of 2014, Brie’s Husband Daniel Bryan was stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship due to injury. This lead to Brie and Stephanie McMahon, The Principal Owner of the WWE, being involved in a storyline. Brie would quit the WWE to avoid being fired for slapping Stephanie. While Brie was out, Nikki suffered the consequences. She was put in many handicap matches as a form of punishment. Ultimately Brie returned and face Stephanie at SummerSlam. On that night, Nikki turned on Brie costing her the match.
Nikki and Brie would not see eye to eye as Nikki blamed Brie for everything that went wrong with her life. This lead to the two facing each other at Hell in a Cell and if Nikki won, Brie would have to be her personal assistant for 30 days or quit. After Nikki won, she made Brie do any and everything that was humiliating.
At Survivor Series, Nikki earned a shot at A.J. for the Divas Championship. Brie, no longer obligated to help her sister, joined her at ringside. As soon as the bell rang, Brie jumped on the apron, grabbed A.J. and kissed her, which caused her to be distracted and allowed Nikki to take advantage and deliver a Rack Attack and win the Divas Championship.
On the most recent episode of Total Divas, both Nikki and Brie expressed interest in adventures outside of the WWE.  Brie is ready to be a mother and Nikki has opportunities elsewhere. If this is the case, then I understand the tag match at WrestleMania and I would not be surprised if there was a stipulation to put the title on the line with A.J. or Paige walking out Divas Champion.
Since Nikki has been Divas Champion, the two have been inseparable. This makes you wonder, when will Brie seek revenge for all the nasty things Nikki made her do. What better way to pay Nikki back then to defeat her on the biggest stage, WrestleMania.