Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bye DeMarco, Go Fly with the Eagles

In 2011, the Dallas Cowboys drafted running back DeMarco Murray in the third round. At the beginning of the season, Felix Jones was the starter, with Tyshard Choice as second string. When Jones went down due to injury, Murray passed Choice and became the starter. Murray finished the season with 897 yards and two rushing touchdowns. He went on to finish his career in Dallas with 4,526 rushing yards and 28 touchdowns. DeMarco Murray signed with the divisional rival Philadelphia Eagles.

The 2014 season was clearly Murray's best season. He set a new Cowboys record for rushing yards with 1,845. However, Cowboys fans will not forget the many fumbles he had. In week 8 against the Washington Redskins, Murray's fifth fumble of the season could not have came at a worse time. The Cowboys were down 3 in the first half and Murray fumbled after a 36 yard gain. That was not the reason the Cowboys lost, in fact Murray did rush over 100 yards, but you cannot give the ball to the other team especially when you are on the opponents side of the field with an opportunity to score.

DeMarco Murray's worse fumble of the season came during the playoffs against the Green Bay Packers. Early in the 3rd Quarter, Cowboys were leading 14-10 and looking to strike again, when Murray who had a clear path to the end zone did not secure the ball, allowing Julius Peppers to rip it away from him. The Cowboys went on to lose that game as well after a controversial call late in the fourth quarter. One has to wonder though, if Murray would have scored and given the Cowboys a 21-10 lead, how that momentum would have helped the defense.

The 2014 season was fun to watch. As a Cowboys fan, you always root for players wearing the star to do well, but you have to be honest with yourself, without this offensive line, how many yards would Murray have ran for. In 2013 he did run for 1121 yards with 9 touchdowns, but to jump up to 1,845 yards proves that he had a better offensive line. It would have been nice to have Murray back in 2015 with that same line, but he did rush the ball 392 times. The body can only take so much punishment. We will see how long he lasts in the Chip Kelly fast paced offense.

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