Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mr Main Event's Predictions for Extreme Rules

Mr Main Event's Predictions for Extreme Rules:

WWE Tag Team Championship: 
Cesaro and Tyson Kidd (C) vs. A New Day
This match will be on the pre-show and while I believe that Cesaro and Tyson Kidd deserve to be on the main card, there is no competition. If A New Day wins this, I will be most surprised by this than any other match. A New Day is a team that I do not see last the rest of the year, while I see Cesaro and Kidd holding the belts through the summer.

WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Wade Barret vs Daniel Bryan (C) 
There are rumors out there saying that Bryan will not compete and that he will be out a month, however, WWE put this graphic up today therefore if the match happens, obviously the internet will have it wrong again, therefore I am predicting Daniel Bryan to win this match. 

Chicago Street Fight:
Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper
This match has the potential to steal the show. This could be a modern day Kane vs Mankind. Having a lunatic fringe take on a deranged monster, and put them in a street fight, they are going use everything including the kitchen sink. In the end, Dean Ambrose will come out the victor. 

Divas Championship:
Nikki Bella (C) vs. Naomi 
If you have been following my work the past week, you may have noticed that I took a lot of heat for asking if there was money in Naomi. I said the last meaningful program she was in without her husband was with Cameron. Now Naomi has a mean streak and has gained some buzz, Im going out on a limb and picking her. I have seen divas who go into a title match with a lot of momentum, lose and then we don't see them back in the title picture, however with the Bellas teasing they are leaving the WWE for bigger things, with Naomi gaining momentum and being one who has great in ring work, this could be her night. 

Russian Chain Match for the WWE United States Championship:
Rusev vs John Cena (C)
The rubber match between the two promises to be a good one. The Russian Chain match have the same rules as the classic bull rope match. It will be interesting watching Cena drag Rusev around the ring. Cena will find a way to win this match, but what will be interesting is what happens after the match and where these two go.

Kiss My Arse Match   
Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus:
We have seen Sheamus and Ziggler face each other for years. However this is the first time we will see a heel Sheamus in over 4 years. For the first time in awhile, Im entertained by him. Im not too crazy about the gimmick, this isn't the attitude match. After all we know what arse means. But Sheamus returning to the ring, no way he did not get better.
Last Man Standing Match:
Roman Reigns vs. Big Show
The winner of the 2015 Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns, had a lot of momentum in the ring going into WrestleMania, but then he ran into Brock Lesnar in a town called Suplex City, and even though he survived, it was Seth Rollins getting the ring stealing his moment and becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Now Reigns will face the Big Show in a last man standing match. While he got a lot of boos from the crowd going into Mania, he took a beating from Brock Lesnar and gained the respect of the fans. I believe Reigns will have to take yet another beating in order to maintain the respect. This match will feature a lot of crazy spots, a lot of tables being broken, but in the end it will be Roman Reigns getting up before the count of 10. 
Steel Cage Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (Use of the RKO is banned for this match)
Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins (C)
Seth Rollins is the most entertaining heel in the business. Randy Orton is pound for pound the most ideal WWE Superstar in a long time. The two did their best to steal the show at WrestleMania, and now they are in the main event. Rollins, who received the most devastating RKO in history at WrestleMania, banned the move immediately when he was given the opportunity. This is extreme rules, anything goes inside that cage, therefore Im looking for a punt. But in the end, the resilient Seth Rollins will find a way to escape the cage and remain the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. 

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Amber Rodriguez Unleashed

Recently I caught up with the reigning and defending Maryland Championship Wrestling Women's Champion Amber Rodriguez. She has overcome many obstacles in a business many say is a man's world.

Where it all began.

BW: How long have you been wrestling
AR: -4yrs 
BW: What was the defining moment that made you say "I want to be a wrestler" 
AR: I've always loved it since my childhood and when I was younger I was on the chubby side and wasn't a very happy person I was bullied and picked on a lot, when I was 15 I joined a gym and started making healthier lifestyle choices. Also at that time my brothers had discovered a local wrestling school so I figured why not put all my energy into something that I love, something positive as the weight began to shed I became more confident and started looking at pro wrestling as more of a career than just an "after-school" thing to stay busy.
BW: Who was your favorites growing up
-Shawn Michaels -Mickie James -Trish Stratus -Sensational Sherri

Entering the business

Amber Rodriguez began as a student as many others, and of when she got her opportunity, she began to make the ring her second home.
BW: Where did you train?
AR: -Gillbergs Pro Wrestling academy. My trainers were Earl Hart and Rich Myers
BW: Who gave you the best advice
AR: -Amy Dumas AKA Lita getting to work with her and pick her brain within itself was unreal, next on the list would be William Regal, his outlook is different than most and he has a way of making things "click" and just in general giving you a better perspective of how this business works. And finally, Ron Simmons, he taught me a lot about story telling in the match.
BW: Who has been your best opponent
AR: -It's definitely a toss up between Shelly Martinez and La Rosa Negra. Both are very fun and easy to work with especially Shelly, she's so laid back and not egotistical at all like most females in the biz. The fact that she's done so much and is so humble is amazing because there are girls who've only worked in their backyard and it's like pulling teeth just to make a suggestion. 
BW: Who's been your least favorite opponent?
-Nyla rose... JUST KIDDING!! lol Selene grey, she's just so awkward both in and outside the ring, we just didn't click and didn't have any chemistry. She doesn't have much respect for people who have been around longer than she has. When I offered her a piece of advice that someone once told me she "disagreed" and just wasn't open to any feedback. I found that to be kinda rude.
Rodriguez is someone who will tell it like it is. She has personality, understands her character, and will do whatever it takes to get better in the ring. She understands that she cannot wrestle forever, so she is preparing herself for a career in wrestling, and after.

Holding Nothing Back!

BW: What makes you different? 
AR : -There's no one out who looks like me. There's no woman out there CURRENTLY who can touch my promo ability. I'm constantly looking for ways to stand out and constantly looking for ways to get better, most other girls aren't evolving the way I am, they're comfortable most of them are comfortable because they look good and looks get you everywhere right? Well if all your money is on a pretty face, fake tits and a good weave but you don't care about your mic skills or in ring skills then you need to get the F out.
BW: What's been the biggest turn off in the locker room
AR: -the pettiness, the immaturity, the sensitivity! I bet a handful of people are gonna have something negative to say about me after this interview because they're sensitive or they don't feel comfortable when someone has an opinion different than theirs. We work in a business where you have to be "cautious" what you say because God forbid you say the wrong thing or drop the wrong name and you're getting "blackballed" It's so sad when ppl hide their opinions because of what ppl think, as if we weren't humans with freedom of speech. I tell Maya and my younger cousin who's known as Rick Powers just because you're green doesn't mean you can't speak up for yourself especially if you feel like things aren't going in the direction that they should. Because if you truly had no idea what you were doing, you wouldn't be here!
            Photo courtesy of
BW: What was it like winning the MCW women's championship?
AR: -it was an honor not so much in the belt itself but the meaning behind it, the fact that Dan has enough faith in me and sees something in me to where he chose me to represent the company and to be the face of the women's division.  I'm very thankful for all the opportunities MCW has given me
BW: Why haven't we seen more of you and Jessie Kaye? -
AR: -She recently moved to Florida which cut off all future plans, best of luck to her. 
BW: Would you two have been the next Trish Stratus and Lita? 
AR: -I'd say Nyla and I are if anything. We have feuded in several different companies all over the east coast and mid-west and now we've become a tag team. We've become very close throughout the years and even compare ourselves to C.M. Punk and Colt Cabana based on how we've had our match in so many different places, traveling together and learning together.

BW: You have been the most consistent and most true female wrestler at MCW yet we see others on TV why is that? 
AR: -I know I could be in better shape and that's a personal issue im working on now but I do know that when I'm on TV it'll be because of my work ethic and not my bedroom ethic if you know what I mean.
BW: What do you think of the competition of women's wrestling on the east coast? 
 AR: -I think besides WSU all the real competition is at SHINE and SHIMMER which both run outside of the east coast. 
BW: Who are some people you would like to work with? 
AR-I've been saying for a while now how I want to work people who are better than me, people who I can learn from. People like IvelesseMia YimLuFistoMickie James etc... Id love to work my mentor Blk Jeez as well. 
BW: Have you ever had to dish out any receipts?
AR: I wouldn't call them receipts, I'd say more of adapting to someone else's style for example girls like La Rosa Negra and Sienna Duvall who are hard hitters, some may even say stiff but when you're in the ring with strong style girls it's up to you to keep up.
BW: Where do you see yourself in five years?
AR: -ideally, I'd be on TV and more advanced in my modeling career, for a lot of people wrestling is all they know, all they are and don't get me wrong as much as I love it, there are other fields that I want to explore such as runway modeling and fashion design. 

Quick Discussion with Maya

I recently caught up Amber's protege, Maya and we discussed how she has learned a lot from Amber.
BW: What do you think of Amber
Maya: I think of Amber as a hard working individual who is a go getter. She is a kind hearted woman who is willing to help others achieve their goals. 
BW: What are some of the things she has taught you?
Maya: Amber has helped me tremendously thus far. She has taught me things in and out of the business and she is guiding me towards the right path to lead me towards my goals and dreams.
BW: You have learned a lot from Amber, where do you see your career going?
Maya: I see my personal career going in a positive direction. I see myself being successful with all of my hard work and determination. The more one puts into it, the more they will get out of it.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Cameron Rising to the Top

We were first introduced to this bombshell on the 2011 season of Tough Enough. During that first episode, she was asked what was her favorite match, her answer Alicia Fox vs. Melina. From that point on everyone knew, she was not a wrestling fan, she was just trying to get in the business to become famous. Cameron was the first to be eliminated. 
What many did not realize, she was a diva-search winner, therefore that explains why she was on tough enough to begin with. Cameron however would later receive a developmental contract where she would compete on FCW and she learned to how to become a wrestler. 
In 2012 Brodus Clay made his debut and he was joined by The Funkadactyls (Cameron and Naomi). The two joined him at ringside every week and with them being very attractive females, Brodus Clay became must see TV. I wrote an article a month ago about how the gimmick can fail, but the valet's go over. During the summer of 2013, E! network began airing a show titled Total Divas. Cameron has been one of the top divas on the show. Fans have had an inside look at her career development both inside and outside the ring. Like Naomi, Cameron eventually got bigger than Brodus Clay allowing the two get away from being his valets.
Total Divas has allowed Cameron to become a pop star. She launched her first single, Bye Bye, along with a music video.  Cameron has found a way to entertain fans outside of the ring. Total Divas and social media has played a huge part in this.  
During the summer of 2014, Cameron and Naomi parted ways after Cameron appeared to be jealous of Naomi. The two competed in several matches and even exchanged victories. Cameron, who may not be as skilled as Naomi, but she is more entertaining and found ways to outsmart her. When they split up, it looked like Cameron may get lost in the shuffle, after all this group of WWE Divas have been some of the best wrestlers to date. Cameron is what the previous group was, model first, wrestling second. 
As the new season of the WWE kicks off, Cameron's character along with her wrestling has evolved. She is becoming one of the more outspoken WWE divas and she is attractive making her someone the male demographic would love to see. Cameron has stated that she wants to be WWE Divas champion, and with her character in tact and her wrestling improving, it is only a matter of time. If her music career takes off under the WWE umbrella, they would have no choice than to give her a shot at the belt. 


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Is There Money in Naomi?

At the conclusion of the third season of NXT, Naomi Knight came in second place, losing to from WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn. When Brodus Clay was repacked into a dancing dinosaur, he was join by two Funkadactyls. Naomi, her last named was dropped, and Cameron. The two joined him at ringside every week and with them being very attractive females, Brodus Clay became must see TV. I wrote an article a month ago about how   the gimmick can fail, but the valet's go over. During the summer of 2013, E! network began airing a show titled Total Divas. This reality based television show allowed Naomi and Cameron to get bigger than Clay. Since then the two have become WWE Divas on the main roster. Every has screamed for Namoi to become WWE Divas Champion, but the question is, can she make the company money? Who is Naomi?
On Total Divas, Naomi became one of the bigger stars. Fans were able to see her chase the Divas Championship, her injury and recovery, her relationship with her father, her friendship and breakup from Cameron and eventually her marriage to Jimmy Uso. In December 2014, Naomi notified fans that she would no longer be on the show. 
Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 7.54.35 PM
Since leaving the Total Divas cast, Naomi's biggest program has been her feud with former tag partner Cameron. The two broke up when Cameron became jealous of the in ring success Naomi had after returning from an eye injury. Since that feud, her biggest program was with the Miz. But was that really her program? After all she was more of a distraction Usos, as Miz tried to promise her a movie deal and cause a rift in her marriage. In the end Usos got their titles back.  
The Usos eventually lost their titles to the team of Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. This program began when Naomi and her husband Jimmy were out to dinner with Natalya and her husband Kidd. After the fight between the two, this lead to Namoi and Natalya engaging in a few matches, including mixed title matches. But for Naomi, this still did not give her any identity nor did it lead to a Divas title match. 

Recently Naomi has pinned Nikki Bella on two occasions. However, the powers at be, did not feel that she was an automatic contender for the Divas title, therefore they set up a battle royal where the winner would be the number one contender. Naomi, lost to Paige, setting up Paige vs. Nikki Bella at Extreme Rules. After the match she attacked Paige, during her victory promo. Later that night, she explained that she was tired of getting looked over, and that she deserved at title shot. 
Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.18.12 PM

As we move forward, I continue to ask the question, is there money in Naomi. Now I usually do not discuss race, but I will make the exception for this one. When Cameron and Naomi came up to the main roster, I was excited. There were more black girls in the WWE. We have seen Alicia Fox as Divas champion, but lets be real, she does not really connect to the black male audience. Cameron has the attitude some black men desire, but Naomi has the body that every black male dreams of. She's athletic, and has a pretty face. She's the total package. Cameron is a model first, a wrestler second, but Naomi is the other way around. But what has she done to give herself an identity? All I see is Jimmy Uso's wife. 
Let's look at some of WWE Divas. 
Natalya, queen of hearts
Cameron, Girl Bye, she doesn't have time for anyone but herself 
Alicia Fox, the crazy chick you do not want to mess with
Paige, the Anti-diva
Brie Bella, Brie mode kicks in and she cannot be stopped
Nikki Bella, Fearless Diva
But what is Naomi? I have waited for someone like her to be in the WWE for a long time, but right now there is still a lot to be desired. Remember this is not the attitude era, you cannot just go there every night and reveal your body and get over, you need more skill. While I believe this is the best class of divas in a long time, there still needs to be some fine tuning in the divas division. 


John Cena Restoring Prestige to the United States Championship

WrestleMania 31 become a monumental night for John Cena. He defeated the unbeaten Rusev and became the new WWE United States Champion. This was the very first title he won when he came to the WWE. Since his title victory, he has been a defending champion. 

Each week, John Cena issues an open challenge. Once the challenge is issued, anyone can challenge him for the title. Cena's opponents have included Dean Ambrose, Stardust and Wade Barrett. Fans have complained that the belt does not mean anything. Two years ago when Ambrose won the title everyone was excited because they felt that he would defend the title and his charisma would make him must see tv and put him in meaningful feuds. Ambrose, a member of the Shield at the time who were also tag team champions, found himself in more 6-man tag matches and eventually the belt just became an accessory. 
During Rusev's title reign, one can argue that he made the belt matter. Personally I believed that it mattered while he had it. After all, Rusev was an anti-American and he was someone who Cena needed to dethrone in order for it to make sense that he was chasing the title. Looking at Rusev's title reign, it was a great one. He defended the belt against proud American's such as Jack Swagger and Mark Henry. Each time they attempted to win the title, they did it with one thing in mind, putting the country on their back. However, they came up short. 
Moving forward, Cena is set to defend his title against Rusev at Extreme Rules. While this the championship rematch, and the rubber match between the two, this match will mean something. John Cena, the face of the company, having the United States Championship brings advertisers to the United States Championship. Casual wrestling fans would be interested in this match because it is a title match. But, there are people who tune into the WWE just because they love John Cena; to them, whatever he does is important, and now they will understand what the United States Championship means.

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