Thursday, June 29, 2017

The iPhone Changed My Life

Ten years ago today, the Apple changed the game when they debuted the iPhone. At that time, everyone could not get one. You needed an AT&T service. However, when they allowed other carriers to have it, I remember a coworker saying, "now everyone will have iPhones."

In 2011,  my life changed. I was rocking a Blackberry by Boost Mobile then I moved to their Galaxy smart phone. It was my second year back in college and I was really getting into my journalism classes. The phone was very slow. In a business that's always moving, a slow phone was not an option. So as an early Christmas gift, the woman who would become my wife and mother of my children bought me the iPhone 4s. It's game time now. 

iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4s allowed me to store my music and it took great photos. In addition, I met Siri, my personal assistant. How cool was that. Plus, I could use all my apps very smoothly. This phone introduced me to Instagram, back then you needed an iPhone to have an account. I would have the iPhone 4s through college. 

iPhone 5S

I skipped the iPhone 5, you needed to have your phone for two years through Verizon in order to upgrade. However I waited until Christmas time and boom, I was able to land the 5 for free with a trade in special at Best Buy. And they had a gold one too! The best thing about this was that the screen was longer and you could not have the Touch ID to login your phone. This phone got me through a lot of nights at ESPN when I was working on the social media team. 

iPhone 6S Plus

I skipped the iPhone 6 for the same reason. This time it was time to go bigger. They introduced the iPhone 6 and the 6 plus. I remember when that happened wondering if it would be too big. Then my good friend Blake Thomas told me, "you will never see videos the same again, the plus is the way to go!" That's what I did. I grabbed the 6s plus, in black this time. I had a white phone for four years. Why not switch? The day I got this phone was also the same day I would be covering my first NBA game. It was also Kobe Bryant's FINAL game in Washington D.C.  That phone came through in the clutch. I was able to get great HD video and the battery life was amazing. Oh by the way, after two straight 16 GB phones, I was upgrading... 64 GB here I come. 

iPhone 7 Plus 

The iPhone 6s Plus was cool, but the battery started to wear quickly. Thanks to a new program by Verizon, I could switch phones yearly. This Thanksgiving, I was getting a new phone. The iPhone 7 Plus was calling my name in 128 GB. As my social media responsibilities continue to grow, I needed more space. This phone allows me to do that. I have all of the apps I need and the camera is amazing. I know everyone loves their Samsung phones but for me, the iPhone is all I need. If you check out my YouTube Channel, you will see there are some videos that I produced just using the iPhone. I can't wait to see what comes next. Here's to 10 more years of the iPhone 🍺

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