Monday, June 26, 2017

Tariq Needs an Old Fashioned Butt Whupping

At the end of Season 3 of Power, Ghost is arrested does not know that there his son Tariq is missing. Tasha tries to reach him when she receives a photo of her son sleep in Kanan's arms (she doesn't know it's Kanan). Eventually he returns home unharmed but lies to his mother about his where abouts. Now Twitter is ready to see Tariq get killed for lying. Hmmm that's extreme you think?

If you have kept up with Power from Season 1, you know that there have been two people that everyone wanted to see die, Holly and Angela. Holly is dead. But Angela? Not so much. Now they want to put Tariq in that category too. Not so fast. 

First off, Tariq is Ghost and Tasha's son. Wishing death on the main character's son that's extreme. What does need to happen though is that Tariq needs an old-fashioned James Evans (Good Times) butt whupping. He has lied to his mother about his whereabouts and he is hanging around his father and uncle Tommy's worse enemy. Clearly Tariq does not recognize how dangerous Kanan is because while his dad is out trying to build an empire, Kanan is playing the role of the cool big cousin that teaches you everything your parents and favorite uncle will not. He has already raised his hands to his mother which is a no-no in any black household. His mother has lost control. When Ghost gets out of jail, he and Tommy need to give an ultimate butt whupping to set Tariq straight or else he will be the one to put a bullet in Ghost at the orders of Kanan.  

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