Sunday, June 4, 2017

Changing My Pick, Warriors Will Win

Kevin Durant is the King Slayer, Sorry LeBron

Maaaan, after the Golden State Warriors, put not one but TWO hurtings on the Cleveland Cavaliers, I am officially changing my pick for the NBA Champion to the Warriors. I picked the Cavs to win 6. However, the way Kevin Durant is playing, there is absolutely NO WAY that even the King himself, LeBron James can come back. If he does, perhaps more people will agree with my opinion that he is the greatest of all time.

In order for my pick to come true, the Cavs will need to win four straight. They will not. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green are already dangerous. They won 73 games last season. Now you add Kevin Durant to the mix, a guy that many are calling the second best player in the world. Durant has yet to taste championship champagne. Everyone criticized him for leaving Oklahoma City, considering they had a 3-1 lead. He was a free agent, he could od what he want. Did he violate a code? Maybe, or maybe he just let us know exactly what he and Russell Westbrook's friendship really was. Durant, now closer to the NBA Championship than he has ever been, borrowing an injury, I do not see him slowing down.

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