Monday, June 26, 2017

Don't Be Surprised if Ghost Forgives Angela


She was his first love. She was the woman that caused him to turn his back on his family. She was the woman that saw that he wanted a life full of riches. Riches that did not include being a kingpin. A life she knew nothing about. But now, Angela is the reason that Ghost is sitting in jail for the murder of Agent Knox. She is convinced that he is guilty. When she finds out he is innocent, will he forgive her?
Ghost and Angela go back to their teenage years. Jamie, as she addresses him, was supposed to be her husband. The two believed that it was fate that brought them back together. But Angela sees a different side of Jamie. Now she is not sure what he is capable of. Everyone says Ghost would not kill a cop, but we know that he is not exempt from killing anyone, especially if they cross him. 
When Angela finds out that Ghost is innocent, more than likely she will beg for his forgiveness. But will he forgive her? I think he will. We cannot forget the fact that Ghost left Tasha. The right thing would be for him to stick with Tasha. She held him down, had his kids, and even when he removed the money from the account without telling her, she was right there trying to bail him out of jail. All that being said, Angela is the forbidden fruit and Ghost will once again fall because of the forbidden fruit. 

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