Thursday, June 15, 2017

LeBron James is NOT Impressed with Draymond Green's Jab

Sooo shots have been FIRED! Everyone says the NBA is too nice, well LeBron James took a shot at Draymond Green's Warriors last year when he wore the Ultimate Warrior shirt.

Draymond responded this year with a shirt that reads Quickie. The Cavs play in the Quicken Loans arena.  But peep LeBron's response on Instagram. 

If that's not enough, look who liked it...Russell Westbrook. The Warriors lead the Finals series 2-1 but the way these two teams are stacked we should be seeing Part IV. ESPN just aired a 30 for 30 that feature the Lakers vs Celtics rivalry. Is this the new Lakers Celtics? Only time will tell.

Draymond explains his pettiness

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