Sunday, June 25, 2017

Power Season 4 Episode 1 Review: When I Get Out

Bail is denied! Ghost is being charged with the murder of Federal Agent Knox and after a bail hearing, the judge ruled that there has to be a message sent to society to let everyone know that they cannot kill a federal agent. Season four has you already hooked to your seat in anticipation for the next episode.

Every Power fan is presented with this question, Are you, Team Angela or Team Tasha? I was always Team Angela. I felt that in the beginning of the series, she cared for James the person, while Tasha, even though she was his wife, loved Ghost and everything that came with James having that persona. While anyone can understand why Angela would send someone with the same evidence that Ghosts has to jail, she should know that he would not kill a cop.

Ghost finds himself in a very dangerous situation in jail. The guards believe he is a cop killer, therefore they are making his life a living hell. At the end of the episode, we saw him get beaten down by two of the guards. This something we are used to seeing Ghost do. It was always him in a warehouse with someone making them pay for their mistakes.

Angela sent Ghost to jail, but this case was still snatched away from her. She still has to fight for her position as she is the only woman in the office. She seemed so powerful when she authorized the search warrant at Tasha's house, but when she goes back to the office, she still cannot get the first chair.

Tasha watched her world turn upside down. While she does get her son back, her children's father is in jail and her house is being raided by the FBI. Tasha also finds out the money that she and Ghost had invested is gone. She has continued to show that she can withstand every obstacle that has been thrown her way, and now she is in danger of losing her children's father. She is also unaware that Kanan is still alive and influencing her son.

What the Twitter streets are saying 

The Twitter streets are excited that Keisha is back. There is some that suspect she will be romantically involved with Tommy. Personally, I think it is too soon to call. Twitter also wants Dre dead. Clearly, he is in too deep with Kanan, and he keeps lying to Tommy. I agree with Twitter, I do not think he will last through the entire season. 

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