Monday, June 5, 2017

Samoa Joe, the Destroyer, Strikes!

At Monday Night Raw' next pay-per-view, Great Balls of Fire, Brock Lesnar will have his first WWE Universal title defense when he faces Samoa Joe. Joe earned the opportunity when he won the Fatal Five Way Match at Extreme Rules. Now he will face his biggest challenge since arriving in the WWE when he faces Brock Lesnar.  

On Raw, Joe made it very clear, Lesnar has what he wants. He has the schedule, he has an advocate in Paul Heyman, and most importantly, he has the Universal Title. When Heyman arrived at the ring, Joe used him to deliver a message to Lesnar, putting him the Coquina Clutch. 

Since coming to WWE, Samoa Joe has lived up to his name as the destroyer. He said he wanted to be feared like Lesnar, and after the way he handled Heyman, he is letting everyone know that he is all business. Consider the beast that Lesnar is, no one in their right mind would touch Heyman, knowing that Lesnar will come back for revenge. Not Joe. In what many call a dream match, Samoa Joe could be the fifth Universal Champion when its all said and done.

Why Samoa Joe Makes Sense

Joe is the first ever two-time NXT Champion and proved that he belongs in the WWE. There is no secret that ratings are down for Raw and while Lesnar is a megastar and a draw, not having a title that does not help. What are these main eventers fighting for? An opportunity? Let's go back to the Attitude Era (I know it's not fair). Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock defended their titles often on Raw. While you may not have believed the title would change hand, hearing Jim Ross say, "this match is for the richest prize in our sport," was a big deal. The Universal Title equals ratings and right now, Joe is the guy who needs to be the champion.

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