Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Time is Ticking for Dre

He wants Ghost to respect him, while he is slowly putting the knife in his back. Dre is working with Kanan right now to screw Ghost and Tommy and eventually get them killed. But he is sloppy. There is no way he will last. Tommy has the tendency to be a hot head sometimes but his instincts are usually right.

Dre has asked for more power,
more trust, he wants to be Ghost but he always wants help Kanan take him down. Kanan has proved he has no remorse. The man killed his own son. Who is Dre to him? Exactly. Dre convinced Kanan to let Tariq go back to his parents. He also was given instructions to steal money from Tommy. While he carried out those instructions, Kanan still has one eye open because he did not just do what he asked. 

Let's look at Tariq. No I don't think Tariq will kill him, but eventually he will crack. And when he tells his parents or his uncle Tommy that it was Dre who knew exactly where he was, there is no way they will let him live. Perhaps Tasha could be the one to pull the trigger. 

So when it comes down to it, Dre's days are numbered. If I had to make a bet, I would set it at 5 episodes. What do you think? Tweet me @BrianHWaters 

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