Tuesday, July 11, 2017

5 WWE Superstars I want to see Kurt Angle face in a WWE Ring

Finally, Kurt Angle is back home where he belongs, in the WWE. Angle spent nearly 10 years in TNA and it can be argued that his best matches were there because that's where he hit his prime. While he is older, he is still one of the best wrestlers on the planet. With that said, here are 5 superstars I want to see him in a WWE ring with. 

5. Seth Rollins
I've said on time and time again that Seth Rollins has yet to return to form since coming back from injury. He is just not the same megastar I saw prior to him leaving. Putting on the cover of WWE 2K18 seems to be a step to get him back. Put him a match with Kurt Angle and he could return to form. We know both can go in the ring, but the story leading up to this match would be great. 

4.Finn Balor 

Just like Rollins, Balor has yet to regain the "it-factor" since his return from injury. Putting him in a program with Angle would elevate him quickly. Balor made a name for himself in Japan. Everyone knows that when you wrestle in Japan, thou must be tough. Angle is a tough. This would be a match in heaven. 

3. Kevin Owens

No matter who you put Owens in the ring, you are treated with a very entertaining match. Not just the wrestling, but the trash talking also. Can you imagine all the crazy things Owens would say to Angle. Once the bell rings, we will see the Mr wrestling version of Kevin Owens we used to see. 

2. AJ Styles

Like Owens, Styles will have a great match with anyone! Now I know you are saying, we've seen this in TNA. But there is no place like the E! Give us Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania please and thank you! 

1. Daniel Bryan

I know, Daniel Bryan can't wrestle... or can he. Bryan says he can wrestle but the WWE will not let him. My dream match is absolutely positively Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle. Enough said! 

Who do you want to see the Hall of Famer go up against?

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