Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Alberto El Patron is the Angry Ex-Boyfriend

(The video Terrance was talking about)

So I was listening to my friend Terrance Williams the host of Talking Bout Wrestling and on his latest episode where he discussed how Alberto El Patron just will not shut up about the WWE.  I started thinking, El Patron is really acting like a sour ex-boyfriend. For some reason, he cannot keep the WWE name or brand out of his mouth. Whether it is in a ring at Impact Wrestling or social media, he continues to pour out his hatred for the company.

El Patron was known as Alberto Del Rio during his time in WWE. He was one of the most decorated stars in the company. His accolades are as follows: 2-time WWE Champion, 2-time World Heavyweight Champion, and 2-time United States Champion. He is also the winner of the biggest Royal Rumble ever.  Many people would die to win the WWE Title, El Patron has held it more than once. Why does he need to whine?

Recently, El Patron took to Instagram to express his displeasure with the rap battle that took place on WWE Smackdown Live. The Internet went crazy when The Usos brought up the infamous sex tape between Xavier Woods and Paige. Of course, any man would be upset if they would see their woman's sex tape but come on El Patron, chill. He is being bitter, rather than enjoying his time at Global Force Wrestling. 

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