Sunday, July 23, 2017

Angela Comes Through in the Clutch

In the 4th quarter with his life on the line, the same defender that put his life on the ropes changed the game. You can hate her all you want, but she literally risked her life to send Jamie home. Angela learned a week ago that the evidence against Jamie was false, and from the beginning of episode 5, her conscience beat her up. She discussed it with her sister, and although her sister did not want her to help Ghost in any way, Angela just could not see him go out like that.

Her rival with Mike caused her to free Jamie. Why you say that? Mike did not want to present the evidence to the court. Say what you want, she still loves him. Jamie thanks her as she walks out of court and she tells him, don't thank me. Where does she go from here? Obviously, she and Jamie cannot trust each other, and right now, he would be a fool to go back to her after she recklessly threw him in jail. This is going to get real interesting. But for everyone who wanted Angela to die, you have to be happy she didn't know. GHOST IS A FREE

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