Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ariane Andrew aka former WWE Superstar Cameron addresses TMZ Video

Former WWE Superstar Ariane Andrew also known as Cameron has finally addressed the controversy surrounding her TMZ video where she said that she only dates white guys. Now when you watch the video, you will notice that Ariane does not deny what she said. But self-hate....NOPE Absolutely not. She continues by saying that she is a proud black woman. She just has a preference. 

Now I have received tons of heat for defending her. As a video editor, I knew that there was a possibility that the video could have been edited to make her look bad, or that someone was using click bait. Of course, it was the latter of the two. Everyone who knows me knows she is my favorite WWE Diva of all-time (NOT WRESTLER). However, I could care less who she prefers to date. But let's not act like there aren't black guys or ladies who prefer light skin over dark skin. 

Watch the video below to hear what she has to say. 

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