Sunday, July 23, 2017

Now It's Time to Fix Things

On the same week, as it was announced that the O.J. Simpson would be granted parole and set free, Ghost has been set free. After a corrupted prosecution team, the judge had no choice but to let him go home. But now that he is home he has a lot of cleaning up to do. How will he repair his relationship with Tasha? How will he get his son back? Can he get his club back? How long will it take for him to find out Kanan is still alive?

A lot of people have been screaming for Tariq to die. The more and more I think about it, I think his days are numbered. Kanan said that he plans to hold Riq so that he can get Ghost and then kill them both. Since he has been in jail awhile, he may not be as sharp and therefore by the time he realizes Kanan has his son, it may be too late. I am predicting this will be a very emotional time for the family.

Can Ghost repair his relationship with Tasha? Afterall, he held a lot of money away from her and not to mention the lies before. A new love interest has been rumored for Tasha. Well, it's time for Ghost to feel what she did for the first three seasons.

As far as getting truth back, he will have to get rid of Dre plain and simple. 

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