Saturday, July 1, 2017

Jamie Will Become Ghost in Jail

He thought he was getting out on bail, but NOPE! Jamie is now forced to sit in jail until his trial date. The other inmates know he has money. They know he is a club owner. But what they do not know is that how many time his hands have gotten dirty. In the first episode of Season 4, Jamie got his butt whupped by a couple of the guards. What could he do? He is already being accused of killing a cop which forced the guards to beat him down. If you watch the preview, you will notice that a fellow inmate is asking him for a biscuit. He even goes as far as to touch on him, but immediately he responds and lets him know that he is not to be played with. Remember, Ghost has killed multiple people with no remorse. Now it is a manner of time before Jamie will become Ghost while he sits and awaits trial. 

Check out this preview from MarcDarkTV. 

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