Sunday, July 30, 2017

Kanan and Ghost???

It seemed like yesterday where these two had a knock down drag out fight where Ghost walked out of a burning building that he believed claimed Kanan's life. However, it after healing, Kanan had his heart set on avenging Ghost. But on the 6th episode of season!

At the end of last season, Kanan held Tariq, Ghost's son hostage. He would eventually let him go after Dre pleaded. But when Ghost got out of jail, he and Jukebox conspired to kill Ghost and Tariq. If you pay attention, you could see that Kanan was very reluctant to kill Tariq. He didn't want to have to kill Shawn, however, he wasn't listening. As soon as he catches Ghost, he makes him go get the ransom money. During that time, the two had to work together. This allows the view to imagine how things used to be before Kanan went to jail. After their conversation on the way to get Tariq, you hear Ghost finally break down why he had to set Kanan up. Either jail or death and loving him like a brother, he couldn't kill him. But once they arrived, you see a different side of Kanan when he hands Ghost the gun. His reasoning... he didn't know what Jukebox would do to Tariq. With Jukebox ready to pull the trigger on Tariq, it was Kanan who saved him and Ghost for that matter. Just as he has an opportunity to kill Ghost he couldn't do it. Now this leaves you to wonder, what will happen with this unholy alliance.

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