Sunday, July 2, 2017

Keisha tells Tommy, Don't Tell Tasha About Us

If you paid attention to the first episode, you knew it would happen..and it did! Tommy and Keisha finally hooked up. Could you blame Tommy? Keisha has her own business and is a beautiful woman. Can you say upgrade from Holly? In episode two, when Tommy arrived, he assured to Keisha that Holly was out of the picture. He doesn't tell her what happened, but he lets her know that it was over. 

After the two hooked up, they make an agreement that Tasha cannot know. With Keisha, we see a different side of her. She says that she cannot trust Tasha. "She took Shawn from me and she took my business." That was news to Tommy. He asks if Ghost knew, and Keisha says he does. Now you have to wonder when Ghost gets out, will Tommy ever question him about Tasha's relationship with Shawn. Now I do not expect this relationship to last that long as we know Tommy is unstable, but Keisha is also a strong black... and hood...woman. So Tommy will know that he cannot get rid of her the way he did Holly, plus she is Tasha's best friend...for I don't think he would do that. 

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