Sunday, July 16, 2017

Kiesha Fell for Tommy at the WRONG Time

After he protected her and gave her a "blizzard" suddenly Kiesha is falling in love with Tommy. She is getting really clingy. She told Tommy that Tasha always takes something good from her. Tommy has a soft spot for children and because he has a strong love for Jamie and Tasha, he really loves his nieces and nephew. With Jamie in jail, he told her he had to be there for Tasha because of the kids. What does Keisha say, "I have a son..." Tommy fixes this by sleeping with her. But Keisha has fallen for Tommy at the wrong time. 

Keisha's involvement with Tommy is causing her to be blind sided by a lot and now her business has been shut down by the FBI. Had she stayed away from Tommy and Tasha as soon as she was rescued at the beginning of the season, she should have been ghost...but her emotions got involved and now she is sprung. What will be interesting is, how will Keisha get her shop back. Tasha is already having problems paying titution, Tommy will soon have to prove where he is getting his money from, so neither will be able to help Keisha pay her bills. Only time will tell. Until then, I guess she will have fun under Tommy. 

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