Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mike Sandoval is the Enemy and Deserves the Internet Hate

Every week, the internet is ready to kill someone from Power. Everyday it's Angela, most days it's Kanan and some days it's Tariq. But what about Sandoval??? If it was not for him, Ghost wouldn't be in jail because he is the one who killed Greg when Greg realized that Sandoval was the leak of the department the entire time. Now I understand why everyone hates the other characters but there is no way we can just give Sandoval a pass. He deserves equal slander and hate from Twitter and Facebook. And every time they discuss giving Ghost the death penalty or saying that Angela is the mold, you see him with a smug look. Why is that? Because he is guilty. Now y'all can still hate the other characters on the show, but be sure to distribute some of that hate to Sandoval also. 

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