Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Raina St. Patrick Must Grow Up

She is a daddy's girl, but with father in jail and possibly facing the death penalty, her mother trying to hold the family together and her brother being a complete idiot, it is time for Raina to step up. When Jamie moved in with Angela, she tried to have a bond with both Raina and Tariq. Raina even asked her what type of lawyer is she. Angela's response: The type that puts bad guys away. Little did either know, she would be putting Raina's dad, Jamie, away. When the feds raided the St/ Patrick's house, Raina confronted Angela asking her why? She continues to struggle with the fact that her dad is behind bars. Plus she has to deal with the other kids teasing her about her dad being in jail. Even though Tariq fends them off, it is more about his reputation than his father's.

No matter how much Raina tries to talk with her brother he shoves her away. In episode 3 of season 4, we saw her break down when she saw the possibility of the death penalty for Jamie. Now, there is no other way any normal human being would react other than breaking down. But understanding that her brother does not have her back she will need to find her mother's attitude and father's wit to fend off the bullies at school. Should she resort to violence, no, but as long as she shows weakness, the more they will pick with her. As Tariq continues to work with Kanan, it will be very interesting to see when Raina picks up on it. Why? Cause younger sisters always know.

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